When working with the audiences, the approach, the more - the better is pretty standard. However, loyal customers, those that purchase frequently and spend more in your store, deserve special treatment. In this article, we will suggest a few ways to distinguish these contacts.

To define your customers as VIP, we are going to look into their purchase behavior and activity:

  • total spent in your store;
  • the number of orders placed;
  • engagement with your emails.

1st Tier VIP

The rule specified in this Segment will be an extremely limiting, it will pull over only those customers that clicked your emails recently, have spent at least $400 AND have placed at least 5 orders in your store.

Note, we applied two main rules:

  • Email channel status is subscribed AND Clicked email campaign link with sending date in the last 45 days.
  • Placed order with the total spent more than $400 AND Placed more than 5 orders.

The first rule identifies your customers' engagement with your marketing, while the second one determines the conversion rate. Here, all of the rules are combined with AND operator meaning that ALL of the conditions should be TRUE.

2nd Tier VIP

In this Segment, we changed two main parameters: we are using Opened email, instead of Clicked email campaign link and also changing AND operator to OR for the purchase based part. As a result, only those contacts that opened at least one marketing email recently and either a high spender or a frequent purchaser are added to the Segment.

Although the number of contacts added to these Segments is different, we can still identify them as VIPs.

Contact' activity

In both cases, we added the rule checking if your contacts engaged with your marketing emails within the last 45 days. These rules are extremely limiting, but when setting up a Campaign or a special offer, we want to make sure your contacts engage with your emails.

If your contacts qualify with the first two rules, but not with the last one, you should react quickly. Start by testing different subject lines or sending your add through a different communication channel. You've already identified that these contacts are not engaging with your emails and should look for alternative ways to approach them.

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