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Import from the file - define your contacts' subscription statuses
Import from the file - define your contacts' subscription statuses
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With the default settings, all contacts are imported to Omnisend with subscribed to Email and non-subscribed to SMS channel statuses. In this article, we explain how you can change the default settings, and upload your contacts with different subscription statuses.

💬 Check our article on the contacts' statuses for different channels for more information.

When your contacts subscription status changes, we assign a time-stamp identifying when that change occurred. There are two types of time-stamps for the Email and SMS channels:

  • Email opt-in date;

  • Email opt-out date;

  • SMS opt-in date;

  • SMS opt-out date.

Using these time-stamps, you can define three different subscription statuses for your contacts import (Subscribed, Non-subscribed, and Unsubscribed):

  • If you import contacts without the time-stamps, you will be able to choose between uploading all of your contacts with Subscribed or Non-subscribed status;

  • If you import your contacts with the opt-in dates, those that have it will be added with Subscribed status, while the rest with the Non-subscribed one;

  • If you import your contacts with the opt-out date or its date is newer than the opt-in one, your contacts will be added with the Unsubscribed status.

Depending on the fact that you added these data to the file or not, the Import process will slightly differ.

Importing contacts without time-stamps

If you are importing your contacts without these time-stamps, on the Organize stage of your contacts import, you will find two check-marks, one for Email (pre-selected) and another one for the SMS channel. If you add a check-mark, all contacts from the list will be Subscribed to the corresponding channel, otherwise - Non-subscribed.

Note! You will see the check-box for the channel only in case you mapped that channel identifier (Email or the Phone number) on the Map stage of the Import process.

Importing contacts with time-stamps

To import contacts with the opt-in date, you should make sure to format the file properly, just like in the example.

Later, for these values to be accepted by Omnisend, you should also assign them to the corresponding fields on the Map stage of the Import process.

After you match these properties, the check-boxes defining your contacts statuses won't be shown. Those contacts that have a value assigned for the opt-in date field will be added with Subscribed status, those that don't - with the Non-subscribed one.

If you didn't find the answer to your question, reach out to our Support Team via in-app chat or at [email protected].

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