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Using tags for browsing behavior tracking
Using tags for browsing behavior tracking

Learn how to use Browsing-based flows for behavior tracking

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We recommend you to set-up different flows from the Abandonment series and send messages based on the pages or products viewed. However, you may also use these workflows to tag your customers based on the pages' URLs or parts of the URLs.

It would be way too overwhelming to create different flows for each product in your store, but you may assign tags based on various categories and catalogs.

In the example presented below, we are adding a tag when the customer browses the Online-exclusives catalog.

We may leave that tag assigned permanently or remove it after some time passes by. If you wish to untag your contacts, you may add a delay and Remove tag block at the end of the flow. You should also check the Exit condition, and remove the tag in that case too.

For example, if your Exit condition is set to Order Placed, you will need to create a simple flow with this condition in the Trigger settings and Remove tag block.

Once you get those tags in your customers' profile, you may use them to observe your contacts' behavior or to target your communication.

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