In your subscribers' list, you may find three types of contacts, those that have the email address, the phone number, or both. The email address and the phone number serve as unique identifiers of your contacts, defining the channel they've unlocked.

In this article, we focus on the SMS channel subscribers and suggest a few segments to help you better estimate this channel performance.


SMS channel subscriber profile
Segmenting your SMS channel subscribers

SMS channel subscriber profile

We've already mentioned that you can add contacts without the email addresses. As you can see from the screenshot attached below, that's what has happened to Jane. She has provided the phone number but never submitted the email address, unlike John, who provided both.

Ideally, we want to see both identifiers in a customer account. And it may happen if Jane submits the signup form or completes the checkout providing both the email address and the phone number. The critical aspect here is that she should lay out her primary identifier (phone number) along with the email address to attach it to an existing account. Check this article to find out how different identifiers correlate with each other.

Both Email and SMS can serve as stand-alone channels letting you send promotional campaigns, recover carts, or provide tracking links to your customers. Although SMS limits the information you can deliver, the Segmentation and Personalization possibilities are the same.

Segmenting your SMS channel subscribers

If you wish to check how many of your contacts provided the phone number as a primary identifier, all you need is to exclude those that have the email address in their profiles.

Another pretty informative piece of data may bring a Segment of the customers subscribed to the SMS channel and not subscribed to the Email one.

You may also Segment your contacts based on the SMS channel opt-in date if you want to find out when they subscribed to the SMS channel.

And those are the basics! If you wish to get more advanced information about your clients, you may add a combination of different rules to estimate the revenue your SMS subscribers are bring compared to other channel subscribers. You may also distinguish the average order value or the number of orders they place.

By comparing the revenue and engagement of different channels subscribers, you may get a better understanding of the value each of the channels is bringing. Maybe you have a smaller number of the SMS subscribers, but what about the revenue they generate?

In Omnisend, we are striving to connect with your customers through the channel they prefer. If your customer is willing to receive your marketing via SMS, we are right here, offering you the ability to send an SMS on any occasion, as part of your Automation workflows or a stand-alone Campaign.

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