In Omnisend, there are six Standard templates for the newsletter design. All of them have the same building blocks and similar styling options. However, the layout of the blocks differs.

Please note, that this article is dedicated to Classic email builder templates, to learn more about New email builder continue reading here.

In this article, we will look into different templates' structural and styling options.


Themed and Standard templates
Content blocks variations

Themed and Standard templates

When you start working on the Email message content, we automatically set one of our Standard templates to the newsletter design. You can change it by switching to the Templates stage and selecting the desired one from the Standard or Themed templates sections.

All of the designs presented in the Themed templates section were built on top of the Standard ones. For that reason, they inherit the structural and styling peculiarities of the parent Standard template.

Below you can see the list of the Standard and Themed templates that are built on top of them:

  • London (Rose Field, Bordeaux Borders, Mandarin, Monochromatic, Pretty in Pink);

  • Atlanta (Pastel Palette, Urban Fresh, Simple Elegance, Spare Austere, Best 9, Dark Theme);

  • New York (Modern Taupe, Brick House, Diagonal Promo);

  • Los Angeles (CyberPunk, Swedish Dream);

  • Stockholm (Confetti, Gray Minimalist);

  • Plain text.

If you choose the Themed template from the list, the Standard one will be set automatically. However, you can change the layout to another Standard template without losing the content of the message.

Content blocks variations

All of the Standard blocks have the same width of 640 px, while the Themed ones vary from 500 px to 840 px. It doesn't matter whether you select the Standard or the Themed template; it will provide you with the selection of different content block types.

After adding the Logo block to the content of the message in the Settings tab, you can choose the Type defining its layout.

London:                                  Atlanta:
- Logo - Logo
- Logo and title (centered) - Logo full width
- Logo and menu - Logo and title (centered)
- Logo and social - Logo and title (right)
- No logo / header - Logo and menu (centered)
- Logo and menu (right)
New York: - Logo and social
- Logo - No logo / header
- Logo and social
- Logo full width Stockholm:
- No logo / header - Logo
- Logo and title (centered)
Los Angeles: - Logo and social
- Logo - No logo / header
- Logo and title (centered)
- Logo and social
- No logo / header

Although some of the templates don't have social links or the Menu within the Logo block, you can add Menu, Title, or Social blocks as stand-alone ones. The size of the Logo will also differ depending on the type you have chosen.

The Menu block is quite similar for all of the templates. The London template has small linear separators between each of the Menu options, while in the Stockholm one, the whole Menu is enclosed in the table.

London:                  Atlanta:                 New York:   
- Background - Background - Background
- Link separator - Border - Background
- Borders - Link - Link
- Link - Borders

Los Angeles: Stockholm:
- Background - Background
- Link border - Link border
- Box background - Box background
- Link - Link

💡 You can also try replacing the Menu block with the group of buttons or images.

Image group

When working with the Image group block, you will see two types of variations between different templates — the number of images in the row and the presence of the spaces between images.

London:                     Atlanta:                    New York:
- 2 in a row - 2 in a row - 2 in a row
- 3 in a row - 3 in a row
- 2-3-2 in a row - 2-3-2 in a row
- 3-1-3 in a row - 3-1-3 in a row

Los Angeles: Stockholm:
- 2 in a row - 2 in a row
- 3 in a row - 3 in a row

The Image group block has a symmetric structure, where the size of the images is adjusted automatically according to the number of pictures, the width of the newsletter, and padding on the right and left sides of the Content block.

Image + text

Unlike other templates, Atlanta and those that are based on it have more variation in terms of the Image + Text block design. While for the Stockholm one, you can only choose to set two images next to each other.

London:                    Atlanta:                    New York:
- Image on right - Image on right - Image on right
- Image on left - Image on left - Image on left
- 2 images and text
- Text and 2 images

Los Angeles: Stockholm:
- Image on right - 2 images
- Image on left

To solve this problem, you can use the Featured Product content block, which will look quite similar to the Image + Text one. If you leave the Button link and Product description fields empty, they won't be displayed in the email.

Discount content block

In the Discount content block, the variations are minor. The only difference is the frame that can be added to some of the templates and which styling can be changed separately.

London:                           New York/Los Angeles/Stockholm:
- Coupon box - Background
- Offer text - Title
- Code - Offer text link
- Expire text - Code text
- Title - Expire text
- Offer text link - Coupon box
- Button - Offer text
- Code
Atlanta: - Button
- Background
- Title
- Offer text link
- Button
- Coupon code
- Offer text
- Code
- Expire text

In the Footer block, only minor changes are possible. You can adjust the design to the two columns one or add socials right to the Footer.

London:                              Atlanta/Los Angeles:
- 2 columns and social - 1 column
- 1 column - 1 column and social
- 2 columns and social
New York/Stockholm:
no selection

Social icons

If you are adding a Social content block as a stand-alone or within the other block, you will be able to change the color and design of the social link icons. The Standard template defines the shape (rounded, squared) and size of the buttons.

London (rounded):                 Atlanta/Los Angeles/Stockholm (rounded): 
- Colored - Colored
- Black and white - Black and white
- White - Grey
- Outlined colored - White
- Outlined black and white - Outlined colored
- Outlined white - Outlined black and white
- Outlined grey
New York (squared): - Outlined white
- Colored
- Black and white
- Gray
- White
- Outlined colored
- Outlined black and white
- Outlined light grey
- Outlined white

In this article, we have listed some of the more substantial differences between different templates. However, you may face some other misalignments, as well.

Note! It's not possible to edit the color of the social icons in the classic editor. However, you can select any custom social icons color in the new editor.

If you have any other questions, reach out to our Support Team at [email protected] or via an in-app chat.

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