For both Order Placed and Order Status Changed triggers, the selection of the trigger filters is the same. It includes the list of the payment and fulfillment statuses, characteristics of the order, and tags for both orders and products.

If you set the tag as a trigger filter, the workflow will be triggered in case the product or the order has that tag already. It may also happen in case the tag is assigned automatically.

If you are adding a tag manually or the tag is assigned to the order with the delay, you can set the trigger filter in the Conditional Split content block. The Automation will be triggered when the order is placed, but the condition checked after the delay passes by.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to push the Condition verification manually. It can only be checked according to the timing settings in the automation sequence. The only way to trigger the order-based workflow is to set the trigger to the Order Status Changed and change the status of the order in the store admin.

If you are using the contact tag in the Automation trigger, it will get triggered as soon as it is assigned. However, in the Segment-based flow, you won't be able to add the description of the order, including products, prices, shipping, and billing info.

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