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Re-trigger Transactional email
Re-trigger Transactional email
Learn how you can resend the transactional message
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It may happen that your customer has provided the wrong email address or didn't receive the Order Confirmation email. Currently, there is no one-click solution to this problem, but in this article, we are going to provide an alternative.

⚠️ Before trying to re-trigger the workflow, make sure the problem is not in the workflow settings, and the email was triggered and sent from our side.

Problem statement

Let's imagine a situation where we need to trigger the workflow for the customer who didn't receive the Order Confirmation email. We already have that order in our store admin with Paid status (screenshot from Shopify admin).


A Transactional message containing data about the Order the customer has placed can be triggered with a specific action only; that is, the Order Placed and Order Status Changed event. In our case, the Order is already placed, so the first trigger cannot be used.

Therefore, we are going to set up a Supplementary automation with the trigger set to Order Status Changed -> Order is "Rarely used status". We recommend using the status that doesn't get triggered in your store frequently, to avoid overlapping and triggering multiple flows.

Here, you may choose any status from the Order status or Order fulfillment status categories. Just make sure the status you have assigned doesn't impact other automations you have running.

For example, for Shopify, the best choice is to issue a partial refund. In that case, the order status will change to Partially Refunded.

But Order Fulfillment status will stay untouched and you will be able to trigger your Shipping Confirmation flow, as per the standard procedure.

You should also make sure your store platform is not sending the notification for the status you have used in the flow. And that's it! Once the email is sent, you may disable a Supplementary Automation.

If you still have any questions or need any assistance, reach out to our Support Team through the in-app chat or at [email protected]

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