When the recipient clicks on the Mailto link, a new window in the default mail program (Gmail or Outlook) opens with the email address, subject line, and even body of the message already preset.

Note that this article is dedicated to Classic email builder, if you work in a New email builder, jump to the dedicated guide.

This link can be added to any content block having the link input field, as well as to the text. Let's start from the most simple example that would add the Contact Us button to the body of your message.

  • If you only need to open the new message in the recipient inbox, you may add the following code:

mailto:[email protected][email protected]
  • If you want to add your preset Subject line, add a text after the ?subject= tag:

mailto:[email protected]te.com?subject=Contact Us

In the screenshot below, we are adding offered text to the Link field within the Button content block.

  • If you want to add both, Subject line and preset some content in the body of the message, you can add &body= tag to the previous code.

mailto:[email protected]?subject=Delivery issues!&body=Hi there! I'm experiencing problems with my order delivery. 
Here is my tracking number: #.
Problem description: .

In the screenshot below, we are adding a link to the text within the Text block.

Apart from this, you may also CC and BCC another email address.

  • Use CC to add more people to the email thread.

mailto:[email protected]?cc=email2.domain.com
  • Use BCC to add more people to the conversation and now show their email addresses to each other.

mailto:[email protected]?bcc=email2.domain.com

If your recipients are using Gmail, after clicking on the Mailto link, a new window will open. By filling in the information for the client, we are not only saving time but also explaining what information is needed.

Another way to provide your contact details is by adding a Call-able link. After clicking on this link, a small window with the phone number preset phone number and ability to call that number will be opened.

Unlike the Mailto link, it can be added to the text field only.

If you have any questions or any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team via in-app chat or at [email protected].

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