Is there a limit of products that can be added with the Product picker feature to the Product listing block? There is no limit to the number of products one can add using the Product picker tool. The only restriction is the number of products that can be added to a single row (up to 4).

Is it possible to upload a custom HTML font? It is possible to import a publicly available font to the CSS editor. However, it is not possible to customize content blocks available in the Email editor with CSS rules.

Is it possible to undo some actions in the Email editor? Unfortunately, it is not possible. All of the activities are definite. Once you confirm the change, it takes effect immediately.

Can I embed the video to play in the email? In the Email editor, you can find the Video content block, that automatically converts the Youtube or Vimeo video to a short GIF. Also, you can use Playable to create a video and embed it in your email.

Do you support GIFs in the Email messages? Yes, you can work with the GIFs, just like with the images. It can be added to any of the blocks and backgrounds, including both Emails and Signup forms.

Is it possible to view the content of the email message in the HTML format? It is not possible to view the HTML version of the email message in Omnisend, but you may open the email message in the browser and view the HTML code.

How to remove the old price field in the Product listing and Featured product blocks? You should remove any characters you have in that field and it won't be shown.

What is the top Shape feature? How does it work? The top Shape option is available for the Los Angeles template only and it defines the shape of your block. If you change the top shape, but don't see any changes, you should set your block's background color to be different than the background color of the block above/below. Otherwise, you won't see any changes, because colors will merge.

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