The device visibility parameter in block settings allows you to choose if you want to show a specific block on desktop only, on mobile only or you want it to be visible on both. You can build a more responsive and optimized email using this option.

Please note this guide is dedicated to the Classic email builder, see this guide to learn about visibility settings for the New email builder.


Before you start

Before you start

  • This option is available for Omnisend users on all the plans;

  • Learn about visibility settings for the New email builder;

  • This option isn't available for Preheader, Logo/Header, Footer, Header. Order (in the Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation presets), Billing and shipping (in the Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation presets);

  • You can use it for both: campaign and automated emails.


Head to either of your emails (a new campaign or a particular email on either of your automation workflows). Choose the block you'd like to change visibility settings for. Then click on the 'Settings' tab and you'll see the 'Visible on' option. The Desktop&Mobile option will be selected by default. Change it to be seen either on Mobile or on the Desktop if you want.

Once you are done, simply click Save & Close.


This feature will be useful if you'd like to adapt your email to look lovely on both: Desktop and Mobile. We're adjusting every block for mobile view by default, but sometimes when you're designing your block you would like to improve how the specific block looks like on the mobile screen. Once you improve the look of the block on mobile, you might not like how it looks like on desktop now. So, that's when this feature will help.

For example, you'd like to show 2 images in a row on Desktop, but use the 3-1-3 option on Mobile. All you need to do is create 2 Image group blocks and set one to be visible on Desktop only and another - on Mobile only.

Once you are done, you can check the preview to see how it will look like on:

  1. Desktop

2. Mobile


Is it possible to use this feature in HTML emails? It's not possible for imported HTML templates but works for HTML block.

If you still have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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