Funnels is a simple way to understand how your prospective and current customers are progressing via the buying journey. This feature is currently available for all Shopify and Bigcommerce users.

Funnels report is a combination of ecommerce funnel steps (rows) and contact order history (columns). Rows reflect the last action your contact has completed within the last 30 days. Columns reflect your contacts’ lifetime order history (number of orders), taking into consideration all orders that have been completed more than 30 days ago.

Funnel steps

From Inactive to Purchased, all five funnel stages show you where all of your contacts stand along their path to purchase. This gives you a full, real-time picture of your funnel and lets you focus on the specific challenges to improve your conversion rates.

Metrics next to the funnel stage title show:

  • the total number of contacts in that funnel step

  • The real-time percentage fraction of your overall contact base assigned to this funnel stage.

Every potential customer begins his/her journey in the first column and progresses down the funnel steps towards the first order. The cell for a contact is calculated based on their interactions with any of the marketing messages (opens, clicks) sent via Omnisend and actions on the website (visits, added to cart events) in the last 30 days.

Potential customers who have not interacted with your marketing messages or store within the last 30 days fall into the first row in the report based on how many orders they have.

After placing their first order, the customer moves to the second column and continues their path based on their further engagement with your messages and website.

How are the stages calculated

Note! Columns are counted based on the orders made more than 30 days ago. A new order can impact the column the customer placed in only 30 days after this order has been placed. When customers place 1st order, they stay under the '0 orders' column until 30 days pass after their 1st order. It works the same way with further orders (e.g., 3rd order can place customer under '3 orders' column only 30 days after the 3rd order has been placed).

Tips to improve your funnel conversions


Which contacts are taken into calculation for the Funnels Report? All contacts that you have in your Audience are taken into the calculation for the Funnels report. That's the difference between the Funnels Report and Customer Breakdown.

Is it possible to create segments based on Funnels? It's not possible to segment based on the funnel stages for now, but our team is planning to add such an option in future updates.

How long does it take before a contact moves from one column to the other? Contact moves to the next column 30 days after a new order is placed. For example, if a customer places the first order on May 1st, he/she will stay under the '0 orders' column till May 31st. Then this contact will move to the '1 order' column. It works the same way with all further orders as well.

Is it required to send some emails to contact for it to be considered inactive? Yes, it is. If a customer hasn't visited your website in the last 30 days and hasn't opened any emails, because you haven't sent any to him, he'll still be in the Inactive stage.

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