MiloTree is a 3rd party app that allows you to create beautiful, easy pop-ups for your website to get more email subscribers and social media followers on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook.



Setup Process

Welcome emails for MiloTree subscribers


Integrate MiloTree with Omnisend and pass all the email addresses collected by your MiloTree Signup forms to Omnisend.

Setup Process

Firstly create an Omnisend API key and select all the custom permissions. Learn how to create an API key in Omnisend here.

Then open your MiloTree account, proceed to the Pop-up builder tab and click on the 'Email' button:

A new connection will be created. Click 'Connect Account':

On the next step select Omnisend among other email providers and click 'Connect':

In the window that will appear, paste the API key that you've created in your Omnisend account in the API key field.

The next step will be to add tags that will be passed to Omnisend along with contacts. You'll use them later to create segments of customers that came from MiloTree.

Once this is done, make sure to click 'Done':

Then click the 'Save' button:

Then proceed with installing the Pop up on your website:

Once Pop-up is installed, make sure to test it with your personal email address and check if it's passed to your Omnisend account. If your personal email address is in your Omnisend audience already, check if the 'milotree' tag has been added to your contact profile.

Welcome email for MiloTree subscribers

To send automated emails to Milotree contacts create a segment based on your MiloTree tag:

Once the segment is created, create an automation workflow based on Contact enters a segment trigger, and select your segment as trigger filter.

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