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Learn how to integrate Amazon Advertising with your Omnisend account

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Amazon Attribution is a free, self-service measurement tool that lets you measure and optimize how your Omnisend email marketing campaigns impacts shopping activity and sales on Amazon. When you enable the Omnisend integration with Amazon Advertising, Omnisend will add Amazon Attribution tags to your email marketing campaigns, which will allow tracking, measure, and leverage engagement metrics retrieved from your Amazon store.



  • Measure and optimize your email marketing ROI for your Amazon store;

  • Gain insights on the full Amazon conversion funnel, including clicks, detailed page views, add to carts, purchases, and sales driven from your Omnisend email campaigns;

  • Compare email marketing performance with other marketing channels in Amazon Advertising dashboards.

Before you start

  • The integration is available for all plans, but relevant only if you're selling your products on Amazon;

  • The integration works with US attribution profiles only;

  • The integration will add Amazon Attribution tags to all the links in your email campaigns. Thanks to these tags, your customers' behaviour will be visible in the Amazon dashboard and will be attributed to Omnisend's email campaign. So, you'll see how many customers have visited your Amazon store, have added a product to the cart, placed an order, etc.

  • It's not possible to check the Amazon Conversion stats anywhere in the Omnisend account, for now, but the dashboard for Amazon integration stats is coming soon.

Setup Process

  1. Click on your brand name in the top right corner -> open Apps tab:

    2. Find the Amazon Attribution app and click the 'Connect now' button.

    3. Click Authorize Access to begin your integration.

    4. You will then be directed to Amazon, Log in and Authorize Omnisend app integration. Select correct Amazon Advertising profile then and click Connect.

    5. Once authorized, you will be redirected back to your Omnisend account and get a notification about the successful integration!

That's it! Integration is set up now. If you want Omnisend to add Amazon tags to the links in your emails that will allow Amazon to track the conversion of your email campaigns, enable this toggle in your email campaign settings.

Note! Amazon Advertising will be available as an option in your campaigns only if you've set up the integration already.

Amazon Conversion data

In your Amazon dashboard you'll be able to see these stats:

  • Clicks Details

  • Detail page views

  • Add to carts

  • Purchases Units sold

  • Sales Total

  • Detail Page Views

  • Total Add to cart

  • Total Purchases

  • Total units sold

  • Total Sales

Note! You won't see exact customers who have viewed pages/added products to cart/placed an order/etc. because email addresses aren't represented in this report. Only total numbers for each piece of data are shown.

Attribution window

For all the stats to be attributed to Omnisend's campaign, Amazon uses a 14-day, last-touch attribution methodology. This means that if your customer clicks a link in the Omnisend email campaign and then adds a product(s) to his/her cart, places an order, etc. within a 14-day window after the click is performed, these actions will be attributed to Omnisend's email campaign. However, if these actions will happen after a 14-day window, they won't be attributed to the Omnisend email campaign. Also, if the same exact customer will click a link in another Omnisend email campaign or any other source (e.g. paid Search ad in Google), these actions will be attributed to the campaign where the last click has been performed.


Can I see Amazon conversion metrics in Omnisend reports? It's not possible for now, but our team is working on a new dashboard to represent the Amazon conversion metrics inside your Omnisend account.

Can I also set up automations for my Amazon store? No, it's not possible either, because we don't know who has added a product to his/her cart or which customer has placed an order after your email campaign.

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