!! Omnisend is updating its pricing mid-Sept 2021 !!

This is what is changing:

  1. We are unlocking all Omnisend features for every plan*.

  2. We are moving to contact-based pricing.

Contact-based Billing

Your contact list consists of three types of contact profiles - subscribers, non-subscribers, and un-subscribers.

  • Subscribers - clients opted-in for your email/SMS marketing communication. They can receive both marketing and transactional communication. We are charging for subscribers.

  • Non-subscribers - clients have not expressed any opinion to be or not to be on your email/SMS marketing activities. In the US they can receive both marketing and transactional communication. In the EU they can receive only transactional communications. We are charging for non-subscribers.

  • Un-subscribers - clients who actively opted-out of your email/SMS marketing communication. They can receive only transactional communication if any.

    We are not charging for un-subscribers.

We bill for subscribers and non-subscribers. We are not charging for un-subscribers.

New plans coming in mid-Sept

  • Free plan. With it use all the Omnisend features for $0/month. Send 500 emails/month up to 250 contacts. No credit card is required. Upgrade whenever you feel ready.

  • Standard plan. Just from $16/month and access to all of Omnisend's features, chat with live support and get a dedicated Customer Success Manager (from 60K contacts), among other benefits.

  • Pro plan. From $59/month, manage the whole customer experience with free SMS and unlimited emails and work with dedicated support and Customer Success Manager (from 27K contacts) to bring your business to the next level

Compare Old and New pricing:

NOTE - plans such as Trial and Enterprise will be sunsetted and Free, Standard, and Pro plans will be updated in the upcoming month.

Trial plan

The Trial plan will be sunset once the new pricing is released this autumn. Instead, everybody will start on the Free plan that will grant access to all the Omnisend features.

Free plan

The Free plan is going to be updated. With the new Free plan, Omnisend clients can use all the Omnisend email marketing features, such as email automations, forms, pushes, pop-ups, the wheel of fortune, and more. As well as send 500 emails/month and up to 60 international SMS to up to 250 contacts. No credit card is required. Upgrade whenever you feel ready.

Standard plan

The Standard plan is going to be updated. With the updated plan send up to 60 international SMS. And access all of Omnisend features. Plus easily grow your team since seat number is now unlimited.

Pro plan

The Pro plan is going to be updated. Pro plan becomes even stronger, offering Omnisned clients unlimited email sent, web tracking history increased to 18 months from only 6 months, and now you can create up to 200 segments instead of 50. Plus an unlimited number of seats instead of 5.

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan is going to be sunset. All current Enterprise users will be migrated to the new Pro plan automatically.


Paid plan billing won't change for 12 months.

We'll honor your old Omnisend pricing for the next 12 months. If you update to the higher tier within the same plan, you'll still be on the old Omnisend pricing. While you'll be able to use all the extra features provided with the new offering.

In 12 months' time, your special pricing will come to an end.

On the Free plan, can I upload more than 250 contacts?

Yes, you can upload as many contacts as you have to the Omnisend system. However, you'll be able to send emails campaigns only to a maximum number of contacts per plan. E.g. On the Free plan, there is a max of 250 contacts. You upload 300 contacts. You can send emails to 250 contacts only (50 won't get an email).

If you have more contacts on your list than an allowed maximum, to send a campaign you need to create a segment not larger than the allowed contact limit and use that segment for sending a campaign.

You can send transactional communication to all contacts without creating a segment

Do you count subscribers twice if I add them to two different segments?

We don't charge you for duplicate contacts. Unlike other email marketing platforms, we count your subscribers only once, no matter how many segments they belong to.

What if I have 10000 SMS subscribers and 10000 email subscribers all of which are overlapping? Would I be billed for 20000 subscribers?

No, you will only be billed per active subscriber regardless of the subscribed channel. In this case, you would be billed for 10000 subscribers.

What happens if I add more contacts than what I paid for?

Our system will automatically detect if you import more contacts to Omnisend and will ask you to upgrade your pricing plan to the next billing tier.

In what currency will you charge me?

All payments in Omnisend are processed in USD ($). Prices do not include VAT.

Subscriber based billing (the one to be sunset)

Starting from January 6, 2020 you can have subscribers that are only subscribed to one particular channel without the need to have their email address as well. This means that you can collect SMS subscribers without collecting their email addresses. This new way of treating your subscribers is also reflected in your pricing: you are billed on all subscribers, regardless of their subscribed channel.

  • If you have contacts who are only subscribed to the email channel, nothing is changing for you.

  • If you want to start collecting only SMS subscribers (or push etc. subscribers), you can do that. There is no longer a need to have an email address along with a phone number.

  • If you have one subscriber, that is subscribed to multiple channels, this will still be counted as 1 subscriber.

  • If you have 10000 email subscribers and 10000 SMS subscribers (and none of them are overlapping), then you are billed for 20000 subscribers.

  • If you have 10000 email subscribers and 10000 SMS subscribers (and all of them are overlapping), then you are billed for 10000 subscribers.

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