Omnisend offers a variety of signup options, including popup. In this guide, we'll go into details on how to set up an exit-intent popup and when it appears.

💡 Exit intent is available in Popups, Wheel of fortune, and Promotion forms.

Popup forms are now available on the new Form Builder

We're working on the new Form Builder - you can find and in depth-guide for the new Form Builder below:


Before you start
Setup process

Before you start

Pop-up is one of the signup forms you get with your Omnisend account. For the popup form to work, make sure you have the following:

  • A working website with Omnisend snippet present. Your snippet is already there if you have Shopify, BigCommerce, or are using one of our plugins, like Magento. If you are on custom API integration, refer to step 2 of this guide.

Setup process

1. Create a Popup form. Go to Forms > All Forms > Create a form or click Edit next to an already created Popup. You will then be brought to the setup wizard.

2. Select a template. You can set up exit intent in any form, but the highlighted forms have exit-intent options already preset.

3. Theme tab. Here you can change:

  • Form name - needed for internal use only and should help you distinguish this signup form.

  • Topic - will give you some hints on the text offer you want to add to the form.

  • Layout - defines the general layout of the form: Image Left, Image Right, Background Image, Without Image, Simple. The layout also suggests the design of the form, text layout, size of the form, and a few more tweaks that can easily be changed in the Design stage of the setup process.

⚠️ If you wish to keep your template settings, proceed to Edit content

4. Content & Design Tabs. Firstly, to switch between editing of Content and Design, click on the top buttons of the right sidebar.

The content tab reveals all the content blocks present on your form:

Design tab shows all the options to customize your form:

To read more in-depth about the options you have, checkout the popup article

5. Settings tab. This is where you set up your exit intent:

In Timing, you can select when the form appears. To set up your exit intent, choose the Show form when a visitor tries to leave the page (read more about our exit-intent ideas):

Additionally, you can also set up targeting and limits when the form will appear

5. Confirm & Launch. This final step will allow you to verify that everything you've set up is correct quickly. By clicking the Edit link next to each item, you can jump to any step of the setup process to make changes again.

6. Click Save & Enable to launch the popup or Save & Close if you want to get back to it later. You can use the Preview feature to see how the popup looks on your website before enabling it.

TIP! If you want to test your popup on your website without letting your clients see it, place it on a page (Settings > Targeting) that customers don't frequently visit.


Is it possible to trigger Exit-intent Popup on mobile devices?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Instead, we suggest adding another form, such as a Signup bar that works on both desktop and mobile devices, or timing the Popup form differently.

What logic is used in form targeting? Is it "OR" or "AND" logic?

OR logic is used to target forms. To put it another way, having at least one of the URL parts specified in the settings is enough to trigger the form on that page.

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