If you have already tried our new Email Builder, you know that email editing has become even easier with Omnisend. Our teams have been working hard on a new Email Builder that gives you more options and drives more revenue from your emails.

We made this guide to help you switch from the classic Email Builder to the new Email Builder as seamless as possible.

If you did not use the new Email Builder before, we advise watching the video below to learn more about it 📧

Copy Campaigns and Automations from Classic to New Email Builder


As easy as it seems, you can transition from classic to new Email Builder with a couple of clicks. You can now copy your previous campaign from the classic Email Builder to the new one.

Find your campaign created with classic Builder → Copy → Select new Email Builder → Copy campaign.

This way, you can move all your emails to the new Email Builder and save them as templates afterwards. Read this guide to learn how to save your custom designs.


You can also copy & paste your automated workflows from classic to the new Email Builder. What's even better - your workflow will be identical to the previous one. All contacts that have entered the previous workflow built with classic Builder will finish it.

To copy the automation to the new Email Builder, open Automations → select automation built with classic Builder → Copy → Enter the name → Select the store you want to add this automation → Select new Email Builder → Duplicate.

Note that we always recommend reviewing the email content before enabling the automation.

⚠️ Please be aware that we are also moving all automations to the new Email Builder from our end. We're doing this as we're gradually disabling the classic Email Builder this year and simultaneously improving the new Email Builder to suit your needs. Information about migrated workflows is sent to your email in advance, so you'll know it beforehand.


When I migrate a workflow in automations from the classic to the new Builder - what happens to the customers that were currently in the workflow?

Customers who entered the old workflow will finish it.

Do you feel that you still have questions? Please get in touch with us at [email protected]. We're always happy to help!

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