Once you create your client's Omnisend account, it's time to prepare it to look shiny. Here is the checklist of what you should consider doing.

Importing Subscribers

All Subscribers in the database of online store will be imported automatically to Omnisend after installation is completed. Then every next day Omnisend synchronizes once a day (at 01:00 AM in his Timezone) with a shop and downloads new Subscribers). But if your client has more Subscribers somewhere else - you will need to import them manually.

  1. If your client is new to email marketing (he has never used any platform before) then you should import his Subscribers from file . Do not import purchased lists or list of unsubscribed Subscribers. It will harm your client's domain reputation and will send him directly to spam. Here's more information about that.
  2. If he was using Mailchimp then you should use simplified "Import from Mailchimp" feature.

Setting up Forms to Collect New Subscribers

  1. Add custom HTML form to the footer of the shop;
  2. Recommend your client to share a link to "Subscribe" Signup page on his social media websites and anywhere else he want.
  3. Enable Signup box. It is included in both - Free and Premium - Omnisend plans.

Give Some Advice about Email Marketing

This step depends on your client's experience.

  1. Check if sender's email address is using your client's domain. Do not use @gmail.com, @aol.com, etc. This will hurt client's email deliverability. You can read more about it here.
  2. Inform your client that content of emails needs to be high quality and relevant to subscribers. Here is the article about best practices how to minimize situations of being marked as spam.
  3. Tips on best email frequency, better engagement, etc. can be found on Omnisend Blog.

Choosing a pricing plan

  1. Make sure that the import of all Subscribers is completed. The price for premium plan depends on a number of Subscribers, so it is your interest as well that the client purchases a plan, when the import is finished.
  2. With Premium plan, better features will be available for your client. Here is the pricing of Omnisend.
  3. You can upgrade a plan by going to your Omnisend account tab on the right side of the page. Find the tutorial here.

Setting up smart automated features under the Ecommerce tab

Profit-oriented features belong to Omnisend Premium plan. Customize these features according to your client's needs:

  1. Cart recovery or Cart recovery series. These two features serve the same purpose, so only one can be enabled at a time. Cart recovery series send 3 reminders via email (the content is different). It is more effective than regular Cart recovery. Find out more.
  2. Welcome email or Welcome series. These two features also serve the same purpose, so only one can be enabled at a time. Welcome series sends 3 emails after a sign up (via Omnisend Signup Box, Custom HTML form or Landing page). 1st email - immediately after sign up , 2nd email - after 2 days, 3rd email - after 6 days. Put a discount code to your Welcome emails and convert new subscribers into customers. If they make a purchase - the Welcome series will be stopped for them. Find out more.
  3. Birthday email. Automatically sends a birthday email to subscribers. Add a discount there. You will need to add birthday date by importing Subscribers from a file. We plan to have more detailed subscriptions forms (asking for date of birth) in the future. Find out more.

All emails of these features can be edited, so be creative!

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