Starting October 10, 2018 there are two major changes for users on Tictail:

  • no Free plan accounts are being supported. All accounts on Free plan are no longer accessible.
  • no new accounts can be registered through Tictail

Effect to other platforms

This does not affect any users on other ecommerce platforms other than Tictail. Omnisend continues improving and providing services for Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, and heavily inversting in API, which supports any custom integration.

As Tictail started investing more into marketplace type of ecommerce, Omnisend grew to become a marketing automation platform for independent stores. 

Effect to paying customers on Tictail

Starting October 10, 2018 free Omnisend accounts are discontinued for Tictail users. Accounts on all paid plans on Tictail will continue to be supported just as they are at the moment. 

Downgrading to Free plan

If you are currently using Omnisend along your Tictail store and are on a paid plan, downgrading to a Free plan will result in a complete closure of your Omnisend account. All customers, deciding to downgrade to Free are informed about the permanent actions they are about to make and can decide before closing their accounts.

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