We’re sure you’ve noticed that we’re fully adapting Omnisend from an email marketing tool to a complete omnichannel marketing automation suite. Email marketing will stay at the core of what we offer, but now, you can get so much more out of it with omnichannel integrations and automation, allowing you to centralize many of your marketing operations and tools into Omnisend.

We’re changing the Standard Plan, which will allow for better customization and flexibility, including adding modules that will incorporate more features and new channels such as Facebook Messenger, web push notifications, WhatsApp etc. This way, scaling will be more efficient and features previously only available in the Pro Plan can be added as needed.

This does mean that the prices for new Standard Plan users are increasing today to reflect those changes so we can continue to offer the same quality of service that comes with the Omnisend name. 

Trial plan will remain unchanged. The main change for Free plan users is that live chat support is being removed. 

Here's what's gonna change:

  1. Discontinuing chat support on Free plan
  2. Removal of option to purchase Ad credits
  3. Update: Terms of Use

Discontinuing chat support on Free plan

The pricing changes introduced on February 6, 2019 bring two major changes to how Free plan is shaped on Omnisend. First and most important is the removal of chat support for Free plan users effective March 6, 2019. 

We are working on greatly improving our Knowledge Base to allow our Free plan users to self serve and find all the answers there.

As a Free plan user you are not left without support options. Here are the options you will be able to choose starting March 6, 2019:

  • Checking our Knowledge Base for self served support
  • Writing us at support@omnisend.com
  • Upgrading to either of our paid plans and receiving the 24/7 chat support

Removal of option to purchase Ad credits

Starting from March 6, 2019 users on Free plan will no longer be able to purchase Ad credits, which are used on either of messaging channels (except email). 

Users, who already have Ad credits on their Free account will be able to continue using them for SMS in campaigns, but will no longer be able to purchase additional Ad credits unless they make an upgrade to either of paid plans.

Update: Terms of Use

To reflect the above mentioned changes we have updated our Terms of Use. All new customers agree with our latest issue of Terms of Use.

Until March 6, 2019 all current customers (had an active paid plan on February 5) rely on the previous issue of our Terms of Use. Starting March 6, 2019 the latest issue of Terms of Service will take effect.

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