We’re sure you’ve noticed that we’re fully adapting Omnisend from an email marketing tool to a complete omnichannel marketing automation suite. Email marketing will stay at the core of what we offer, but now, you can get so much more out of it with omnichannel integrations and automation, allowing you to centralize many of your marketing operations and tools into Omnisend.

The Standard Plan will undergo some changes that will allow you to completely customize your plan so it works best for your business, including adding modules that will give you more flexibility and new channels such as Facebook Messenger, web push notifications, WhatsApp etc.

This way, you can scale more efficiently, and add features previously only available in the Pro Plan as you need them.

This does mean that the prices of the Standard Plan are going to increase on March 6th to reflect those changes so we can continue to offer you the same quality of service that comes with the Omnisend name. Pro Plan prices will remain unchanged. 

Here’s what’s gonna change:

  1. Changes in price for current Standard plan customers
  2. Changes in price for new customers starting February 6, 2019
  3. Changes in billing period and range calculation for current and new customers
  4. Changes in calculation of active subscribers
  5. New: ability to get Pro plan modules on Standard
  6. New: ability to freeze an account for 12 months
  7. Update: Terms of Use

Changes in price for current Standard plan customers

For current (signed up until February 6, 2019) Standard plan customers the price is being slightly bumped and then frozen. This means that current Standard plan customers will not be affected by the increase brought upon new customers, but will experience a slight change in pricing, which is provided in detail below.

  • $10 to $49 range: no changes in price
  • $50 - $149 range: +$5 to the total 
  • $150 - $399 range: +$10 to the total
  • $400 - $699 range: +$20 to the total
  • $700 or more: +$50 to the total

This price will be fixed for all current Standard plan customers as long as the plan is not cancelled for any reason (due to action of customer, breach of rules, failure to pay (CC issues), etc.). Cancelling Standard plan and then returning to it would automatically enable the new pricing (see next chapter for more information). 

This applies to monthly and yearly pricing. These changes take effect on March 6, 2019.

The freezing of this pricing does not freeze your current feature set and you will continue to get the latest features and improvements over the time.

Changes in price for new customers starting February 6, 2019

A new pricing is effective for all customers who upgraded for Standard plan from February 6, 2019. This new pricing does not apply to those, who signed up and were active Standard plan customers on February 5, 2019. 

Here are the changes that are effective starting February 6, 2019 for all new or reactivated (after cancellation) Standard plan customers.

  • $10 range is now $16
  • $15 range is now $20
  • $20 range is now $25
  • $25 range is now $30
  • Ranges above $25 get an increase of 20%

To check the current pricing, please see our pricing page.

Changes in billing period calculation for current and new customers

Currently our month-to-month (or year-to-year) billing is fluctuating: if you sign up on the last day of the month, you might be paying for 28 to 31 days depending on the month (February it would be 28, some months 30, other months 31). 

We are moving to an industry standard of fixed 30 days billing period starting February 6, 2019. This means that your your credit card will be charged every 30 days or 360 days in case of a yearly plan.

All current Standard plan customers will be moved to a 30 day billing period starting March 6, 2019.

Along with this change you will be able to change your billing ranges during the month. This means that if you have paid for a range of up to 5000 contacts, but want to send a campaign to 6000, you will be able to upgrade and send to such list during the month.

This change will take effect on March 6, 2019 and will be available for all Standard plan customers.

Changes in calculation of active subscribers

Starting March 6, 2019 an active subscriber will be considered the one, which had a subscribed status on your list or received any email in the last 30 days. This means that any decrease (due to a removal) in the number of subscribers before next billing will not take affect on your payment unless 30 days has already passed after the changes as we continue supporting your sent emails, links, and tracking.

For example:

  • payment is on 5th day of the month
  • part of subscribers removed (or unsubscribed) on 20th day of the month
  • next payment will not reflect these changes, as these contacts were active in the last 30 days

This change will be in effect starting March 6, 2019 for all Standard and Pro customers.

New: ability to get Pro plan modules on Standard

All Standard plan customers will be able to purchase Pro modules separately from Pro pricing plan. This will include additional communication channels to already available email and SMS. You will be able to become omnichannel in one platform by enabling these modules:

  • Push notifications
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp
  • Google Customer Match
  • Facebook Custom Audiences

This will allow you to only go with those channels that you actually want to use, without the need to go for the full Pro plan.

More details on full list of modules and pricing will be provided on our website.

Ability to add more channels with Standard plan will be available starting March 6, 2019.

New: ability to freeze an account for 12 months

Starting March 6, 2019 you will be able to save all your data and freeze your account for 12 months. A freezing of an account will allow you to return to it without losing any data, users and make sure your already sent messages are still available (with working links, etc.). 

More on this feature will be available on our Knowledge Base soon.

Update: Terms of Use

To reflect the above mentioned changes we have updated our Terms of Use. All new customers agree with our latest issue of Terms of Use.

Until March 6, 2019 all current customers (had an active paid plan on February 5) rely on the previous issue of our Terms of Use. Starting March 6, 2019 the latest issue of Terms of Service will take effect.

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