To manage and store your subscribers data in a most convenient way we recommend creating custom lists. You can either import a list from file or other services to Omnisend, or create a new list of your current subscribers. 

To do that, go to Subscribers > Lists > click "Create list" button.

Enter a name of your list and click the "Create list" button to finish.

What’s next? Now you are ready to import subscribers from file or other services to your newly created list.

In order to add your current subscribers to the list, please, navigate to All Subscribers list, select the needed contacts and click Copy, then select the needed list.

Please note that lists are good for getting and keeping your subscribers contacts in Omnisend, for example, having a list of all subscribers you add from Excel file. In order to send newsletters targeted to different audiences, use segmentation and send them to specific segments instead of lists.

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