Custom Properties is your "Custom" parameter. It can contain any data you want. For example, you know which books your subscribers like. You can use this information on Omnisend for more targeted mailing. Before you import your subscribers from a file, create additional columns next to the email addresses and add their titles. Then enter a genre your subscribers like, e.g. John likes "War books", Mary likes "Romance", etc. Once you add all data you want, save the file and import it to Omnisend. You can create segments based on Universal attribute or use them to personalize newsletters.

Custom properties can be found in Subscriber profile > Profile details > Custom properties.

It is possible to add properties via edit form and via our API.

To add a custom property, simply click on the email address and navigate to profile details:

After you click edit, you will see an option to add custom properties:

After that you will be asked to add a property name and its value:

- Number and Date values are not valid if the special character "," is used.
- Valid recommended date format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
- The Property name is case-sensitive. If you want to change the property name, e.g. from "favorite_colors" to "Favorite_Colors", you have to create a new property.

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