Segment-based Automation may add a considerable variability to your Omnisend Automations. It doesn't only extend the range of the events and filters you may use but also lets you retrigger the workflow.

Problem statement

Let's consider the use-case when we want to send the message every time the Signup form is Submitted, instead of sending it only ones when the initial opt-in is provided.


Before we can start setting up the sequence, we should find a way to identify contacts submitting the Signup form. For this purpose, we are going to add a tag to the Signup form settings, so every time it is submitted, a tag is assigned to the contact profile.

After that, we create a Segment of the contacts having this tag.

Finally, in the Automation, we are using this Segment as a trigger.

In the Automation trigger, we enable the retriggering setting, so that any contact that is removed and then added back to the Segment would trigger the flow again.

Later, in the sequence, we are removing the tag, and the customer is dropped from the Segment. After submitting the form again, the customer gets a tag, enters the Segment, and triggers the flow for the second time.

This solution may be extremely helpful if you are using your Signup forms to collect some personal data about your clients. When your customer updates personal details or preferences, the Automation will send a message confirming the change.

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