This collection explains a few things to know as you get started with Omnisend

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What's New I Omnisend Product Updates

This collection will present you with an overview of new features in Omnisend

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Email & SMS Marketing Educational Program

Strong alone. Beautiful together.

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Pricing and Billing

Learn about Omnisend pricing: Free and Premium plans, and what to do if you run out of email credits

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Ecommerce Integrations

Learn how you can connect your store to Omnisend

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Migrating from Another Email Service Provider

This collection will help you smoothly migrate from another ESP to Omnisend

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Learn what different channels on Omnisend you can use to communicate with your customers

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Omnisend Email Builder

Learn how to use our Email Builder in your email campaigns and automations

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Learn what different templates you can use with Omnisend campaigns and automation

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Learn how to build a beautiful campaigns also about the features that will help you make it perform better

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Learn about email marketing automation setup. Start benefiting more from your email marketing activities.

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Signup Forms

Learn how to set up Omnisend sign up forms to grow your subscribers' base

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Segmenting Your Contacts

Learn how to create a Segment of the customers based on different subscriber and buyer data

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Audience Management

Learn how to add/ import contacts, and create contact segments in your email marketing campaigns.

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Learn about Omnisend reports and how to track your email marketing performance easily.

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Learn the best deliverability practices with Omnisend

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API Documentation

Learn more about working with API integrations

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Integrations with 3rd-Party Apps

Learn how you can benefit from different 3rd party apps integrations

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Account Settings

Learn how to manage your Omnisend account, change your password, etc.

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Learn what marketing policies you need to comply with.

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Partner Portal

Learn how to become a partner and use Omnisend Partner Portal

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