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Learn how to get started with Omnisend

What's New I Omnisend Product Updates

Learn about our recent product updates

Email & SMS Marketing Educational Program

Check out our educational program for Email & SMS Marketing

Pricing and Billing

Learn about Omnisend free and pain plans

Ecommerce Integrations

Learn how to connect your ecommerce store to Omnisend


Learn best deliverability practices with Omnisend

Marketing Materials

Discover best marketing strategies and access educational resources


Learn about different channels you can use to communicate with your customers

Omnisend Email Builder

Learn how to use our Email Builder in your Omnisend campaigns and automations


Learn about different templates you can use in your Omnisend campaigns and automation


Learn how to build a beautiful campaigns and features that will help you make perform better

Omnisend Product Reviews

Learn how to collect Product Reviews with Omnisend


Learn about email marketing automation setup and its benefits

Signup Forms

Learn how to set up Omnisend signup forms to grow your subscribers' base

Segmenting Your Contacts

Learn how to create a segment of the customers based on different filters

Audience Management

Learn how to manage your audience


Lear about Omnisend reporting

Account Settings

Learn how to manage your Omnisend account

API Documentation

Learn more about working with API integrations


Learn what marketing policies you need to comply with

Integrations with 3rd-Party Apps

Learn how you can benefit from 3rd party apps integrations

Partner Portal

Learn how to become a partner and use Omnisend Partner Portal