Wondering what content was the most engaging in your recent newsletter? Which were the most interesting products? Click Map will give you the answers.

Click Map enriches delivery reports with a visual view of the clicks on your newsletter.

To access the Click Map of your newsletter:

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select sent newsletter from the list
  3. Hit "Click map" just under the Click rate. Note: The link to the Click map appears only when the newsletter has some clicks.

Click map shows what buttons and products caught the attention of the recipients, and how they clicked on your newsletter. Statistics is visually represented, so you can see with a mere glance which products, call-to-actions, images, and links are the most successful.

Different colors reflect the distribution of clicks. The amount of clicks is expressed in numbers and percentage.

Monitor the distribution of clicks in your newsletters to get insights about what engages your recipients the most. Based on what you see, you can make adjustments and improvements for even better results from your email marketing campaigns.

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