Wheel of Fortune feature allows you to customize the slices of the wheel. The wheel itself consists of 10 slices in total: 5 winning, 5 losing. All of these slices can be edited to your preference, although not all of them have the same setup. This article explains how to correctly define the probabilities and manage the coupon codes.


Winning slices settings
Losing slices settings
Change the color of the Wheel slices
Hiding Wheel of Fortune widget
Coupon codes settings

Winning slices settings

There are 5 winning slices in total, which share a 100% probability of showing up. The wheel only stops at the winning slices.

This 100% can be split up among the 5 winning slices in any way preferred as long as the total sum comes to exactly 100%. You can go ahead and have 100, 0, 0, 0, 0 if you want only a particular slice to roll out. Also, you can go with 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, if you want to have all slices to show up with the same probability. Any other combination of 5 slices that sums up to 100% works as well.

The full setup of winning slices consist of:

  • Label - name the slice of the wheel so it best expresses the prize underneath it. We recommend keeping it short and simple (limited up to 15 characters)

  • Coupon code - paste your coupon code for each winning slice. More on coupon codes settings below.

  • Probability - the probability of slice rolling out. The higher the number, the more likely it is to roll out. The total sum of 5 winning slices should be 100%.

Losing slices settings

As the wheel stops only at the winning slices, losing slices have a slightly more simple setup. For losing slices only the Label is required, which would show up on the wheel itself. Equally, as with the winning slices, we suggest keeping it short and simple (limited up to 15 characters).

Change the color of the Wheel slices

To change the design of the Wheel of Fortune slices, you can apply the CSS rules in the form editor. The color of the slices can be specified in the hexadecimal code.

.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(1){fill:#F3EADF !important;} 
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(2){fill:#E4C8B4 !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(3){fill:#F3EADF !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(4){fill:#E4C8B4 !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(5){fill:#F3EADF !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(6){fill:#E4C8B4 !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(7){fill:#F3EADF !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(8){fill:#E4C8B4 !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(9){fill:#F3EADF !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-wheel-rotor-slices path:nth-child(10){fill:#E4C8B4 !important;}
.soundest-form-wof-pointer-main-body{fill: #42C299 !important; }

Reducing the size of the logo:


Here is the example of the form:

Hiding Wheel of Fortune widget

With the default settings, the widget of the Wheel of Fortune form is not removed from the website after the customer completes the form. If you want to hide the widget and set this form to pop-up automatically, you will need to adjust timing options in the form settings, and also hide the widget using CSS code:

display: none !important;}

Coupon codes settings

Winning slices allow you to add coupon codes, which show up to the winner (all subscribers, who fill in the form). These coupon codes should be manually created on your store and then pasted into the setup form. Omnisend DOES NOT automatically create the coupon codes, provided in the Wheel of Fortune setup.

How to create a coupon code on Shopify (watch a video)

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To learn more about the setup process of Wheel of Fortune, read this article.

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