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Learn how to set up Wheel of Fortune and collect subscribers with it

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Wheel of Fortune is a gamified popup form provided by Omnisend. It is an interactive way to collect subscribers by offering them to spin a wheel and win a discount or anything else you would like to offer in exchange for their signup.


Before you begin

  • Wheel of Fortune is an additional item you can add to any Omnisend popups.

  • To have your form working, make sure you have a live store with an Omnisend snippet. If you have Shopify or Bigcommerce or are using one of our plugins, like Magento, your snippet is already there. If you are on custom API integration, refer to step 2 of this guide.

  • Wheel of Fortune Item is available on all the Omnisend plans.

  • This guide is dedicated to Wheel of Fortune Item. To learn how to set up a popup form, jump to the dedicated guide.

Setup process

Step 1. Go to your Forms → Create a new Popup form or open the existing one → Edit it up to your liking → Add a Wheel of Fortune item from the left-side menu.

💡Tip: You can also choose the Wheel of Fortune preset from the Templates library.

Step 2. As a next step, we advise setting up the slices. For this, click on the Wheel of Fortune itemSet up wheel slices → click Save once done.

Here, you need to configure winning and losing slices with their respective probabilities. The Wheel will only stop at winning slices, and the discount you set up in the Discount field will be shown to your customer. Be aware that Omnisend does not automatically create any discounts in the Wheel of Fortune setup; you need to create them in your store admin and add them to the slices setup.

Please note that probability always has to sum up to 100%. Otherwise, you will see an error message.

You can split the 5 winning slices' probability in any way you want as long as the total percent of probability sums up to 100%.

For example, if you're going to give out only one type of discount, you can use 100, 0, 0, 0, 0. This way, you will have a 100% probability for the slice you want to be shown all the time. If you want all slices to be equally likely to be shown, use 20, 20, 20, 20, 20. Any other 5-slice combination that sums up to 100% will work, too.

Step 3. Pick the color for each slice with the help of a color picker. You can redesign it in just a few clicks to match your form or store. Also, you can always select more colors from the color palette by clicking on the + sign below My colors.

Step 4. Set up the Layout of the Wheel of Fortune item.

Here, you can select the background color, change paddings to manage the empty space around the item and align the content vertically in the layout.

Success and Subscribed message

The success message is shown to your customers upon successful subscription. Click on the Success tab in the bottom menu to see and edit your success message.

On the left-side menu, you will see a Discount item that can be added to your Success message. You need to drag and drop this item to your success message.

In the Discount item settings, you will see 2 options:

  • Use the Wheel of Fortune discount. For your Wheel of Fortune popup, you should select this type of discount. This will show the discounts you have set up on the slices. Once the users spin the Wheel and submit the forms → they will see the discount they won based on the slices setup.

  • Use your own discount. This option should be used for popup forms with no Wheel of Fortune item added. You won't be able to select it if you have the item added.

Please be aware of the following important information regarding the Wheel of Fortune and discounts for subscribers:

New Subscribers: For new subscribers, it operates as follows:

  • The wheel spins first.

  • After the spin, the success message with the discount is displayed.

Subscriber Discount Display: People who are already subscribed to your newsletter won't see the discount on the success page generated by the Wheel of Fortune feature. When dealing with existing subscribers, the spinning wheel step is skipped entirely. Instead, the system shows the 'already subscribed' message immediately.

Removing Subscribed Page

If you want both existing and new subscribers to have the opportunity to spin the wheel and receive discounts, you have the option to remove the subscribed page from your form.

  • By doing so, you ensure that discounts are visible to all customers, including those who are already subscribed and new subscribers.

  • This is particularly useful for forms like the Wheel of Fortune, where you want to extend the chance to win discounts to all of your customers.

Teaser for Wheel of Fortune

Add a Teaser to your form that will still stand out to your users because it appears around the edge of the page. To turn it on, navigate to the bottom menu → Teaser → Enable. Once it's enabled, you can access the Teaser tab whenever you need.

You will be able to edit the Teaser design, text, placement, and timing upon which it should be shown to your customers.

Once your customers click on the Teaser, the popup with Wheel of Fortune will unfold for them 🎉

If you have any questions, reach out to our Support team!

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