These snippets are dedicated to BigCommerce Stencil themes. 

These snippets were updated on September 25, 2018. Here are the old snippets if you want to replace them. Please go to Store settings > Connected store for a complete setup wizard.

We do not suggest continuing the use of old snippets, as the following features will not be supported:

  • Sales tracking

  • Cart Recovery

  • Live View

  • Product Picker

  • Forms

IMPORTANT: if you are changing the template, you must add our snippets again. Only add both snippets at a time (Blueprint and Stencil); neither of them will work in such a case. 

Not sure which theme you're using? Check the BigCommerce guide to find out.

Note! The snippets are added automatically for all new shops; if you are on an old version of Biccommerce then you'll need to add the snippets manually. If the snippets are added automatically in your case, you'll see ✅ next to the 1st point.

If not, please continue reading this article to understand how to add snippets manually.

Adding the snippets

IMPORTANT: You'll need to replace the shopID (currently XXXXX) with your shopID, otherwise, the code won't work. You can find your ID in the address bar when logged in to your store control panel. If you can't find it, you can check out the BigCommerce guide on it or go to My Account > Connected store for a complete setup wizard.


  • - The script should be imported automatically into BigCommmerce's Script Manager (location: Storefront > Script Manager). Both for "Store pages" and "Order Confirmation" pages
    - For older shops, the script might need to be added manually via BigCommmerce's Script Manager (location: Storefront > Script Manager)
    - both for the "Store pages" and "Order Confirmation" pages - so the script should be added two times.

<script type="text/javascript">
    // SOUNDEST-V6-2-S
    // Do not remove these comments, they are super important!
    window.SOUNDEST = window.SOUNDEST || {};
    // Do not forget to replace XXXXXX with your shop ID! You can find it in your shop's permanent address: How to find it:
    SOUNDEST.shopType = "bigcommerce";
    SOUNDEST.baseURL = "";
    SOUNDEST.version = new Date().toISOString().slice(0, 13);
    SOUNDEST.pageType = "{{#if page_type}}{{page_type}}{{/if}}";
    SOUNDEST.productTitle = "{{#if product}}{{product.title}}{{/if}}";
    SOUNDEST.productID = "{{#if product}}{{}}{{/if}}";
    SOUNDEST.categoryTitle = "{{#if category}}{{}}{{/if}}";
    SOUNDEST.categoryID = "{{#if category}}{{}}{{/if}}";
    (function(e,t){try{if(e.length>0&&t.length>0){var n=document.createElement("script"),c=document.getElementById("soundest-container");n.type="text/javascript";"soundest-launcher";n.src=e+"inshop/bigcommerce-launcher.js?v="+t;c.parentNode.insertBefore(n,c)}}catch(f){}})(SOUNDEST.baseURL,SOUNDEST.version);


Your contacts will be sent to the All contacts list, and for all newly added and updated contacts via Bigcommerce, we will add a tag "source: bigcommerce". That way, you can create a segment and filter the list of contacts that were added from Bigcommerce. Just create a segment on Profile data where the tag is "source: bigcommerce."
You can learn more about segments here.

Additional information

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