Before you start

Before you start importing a template, read about Basics of email HTML, and note that there are certain attributes you should avoid using in your email HTML template. The full list of tags and attributes is available on our Custom HTML content block article.

Important note: <DOCTYPE! HTML> and <head> tags should be removed before uploading the HTML template. You can use this service to do it for you:

There are two ways you can import templates to your Omnisend account:

  1. Import HTML (useful for Mailchimp users)

  2. Paste in code (useful for Klaviyo users)


Importing process

To import a template, navigate to Store settings > Settings > Saved templates.

In the Saved templates page you will see:

  • A list of all your saved templates.

You will have options to copy, edit, preview and delete a saved template, follow the article to learn more about Copying a Saved template.

  • Import template button. Click the button and choose the import option you wish to use.

Import HTML

Add your Template name > choose the HTML file you have saved on your computer or downloaded from another provider > click Upload

If the upload is not successful, you will get an error message. Choose the correct format HTML file and try to upload again.

When the file is uploaded successfully, the template editor window will open up for you to edit your HTML template (Go to Edit an imported template step)


Paste in code

Add your Template name > paste Template HTML you have copied > click Import

Once you successfully import a coded template, you will be able to edit it in the template editor.

Edit an imported template

You will have an option to edit the content and design of your template, just click on the content block you want to edit and HTML box for editing will open up. You will see four main blocks:

  • Preheader

  • HTML block

  • Footer

  • Badge

Important note: If you transfer a HTML template from another service provider, you will have to manually delete:

  • All personalization tags

  • View in browser link

  • Unsubscribe link

Nice job. You can access your custom HTML template on the Saved templates page and as a saved template in your campaigns and automation.

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