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Learn how to post your campaigns to your Facebook page

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To save time, post your campaign to your Facebook page automatically! You can now share your newsletter URL with your Facebook followers simultaneously by sending your campaign to your subscribers.


Before you start

  • For the feature to work correctly, you have to be an admin for at least one Facebook page, as Facebook does not allow you to post to your personal Facebook profile.

  • You will be able to auto-post your regular campaign to Facebook; A/B test campaigns and booster campaigns will not be posted.

  • Auto-post to Facebook feature is available to any Omnisend pricing plan user.

  • Please keep in mind that all links in the test Campaigns (automation workflows are not affected) will expire after 10 clicks and each link of the Campaign (automation workflows are not affected) test email will expire after 48 hours after the test email was sent.

Setup process

1. To be able to use Auto-post to Facebook feature first, connect to the Facebook Auto-Post Campaigns app. You can do this in two ways: 

  • Connect the app when in Campaign settings. Click Connect Facebook and continue to step 3 to Authorize access to your Facebook page.

Click on your brand name in the top right corner →  open the Apps tab:

2. Find the Facebook Auto-Post Campaigns and click the 'Connect now' button.

3. Continue with authorizing access to your Facebook page, click Authorize access, and Log in to your Facebook account.

4. Follow the wizard steps to connect. Once you click Done, you will get a message that Omnisend auto-post to Facebook is successfully linked to your page. 

Select the Facebook Page you want to connect to. A success message will inform you that your Facebook page is now connected to your Omnisend account.

Great job! You are now ready to auto-post to Facebook. 

When creating a new campaign, enable the Facebook toggle in Campaign settings to post that campaign to your Facebook page!

Auto-post settings

Select a page

We will choose a default Facebook page for you to connect to. If you connect more, you will be able to choose which page to post to.


The default message will be your campaign subject line, but you can change the message text to whatever you like. Remember that your personalization with Omnisend will not work in your Facebook post, so avoid using it. 

We will automatically add your newsletter link to the end of your message, as the link is generated only after the campaign is sent. You can change your link position in the post by adding [[view_link]] anywhere in the message.

Add image

Add the specific image to your Facebook post (up to 4 images). Otherwise, the system will add the first picture from your newsletter. Note that the newsletter's company logo will not be counted as the first image nor selected for your Facebook post. If there is no image in your newsletter and you leave this setting blank, your post on Facebook will come with a link and a message only. If you add custom images, they will not work as clickable links to the newsletter once they are auto-posted to Facebook.

Auto-post to Facebook examples:

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