We are so happy for you that you managed to collect quite a number of subscribers! As you are taking your first steps with Omnisend, we want to give you the best experience and help you to take care of your customers’ needs. To make it happen more easily and without additional headache we invented a Safe send volume program which will help you to warm up your contacts list more smoothly. In this article, you will learn what the Safe send volume is and what benefits you will get from using it.

What is Safe send volume?

Safe sending volume is an automated program which helps you to avoid spikes in sending amounts while migrating to the new email service provider (ESP) or starting your Ecommerce business from scratch. Internet service providers (ISPs) closely monitor freshly migrated/ newly started stores as those do not have any sender’s reputation. At Omnisend, we want to help you build the best reputation, so emails reach your recipients’ Inboxes. 

How does Safe sending volume process look like? At the beginning you will notice that you cannot send an email campaign to all your subscribers. Your first step will be to send 20 000 of emails per day. This amount will increase day by day, if you continue sending to the required number of subscribers.

In fact, Warming up your sender‘s reputation is one of the main rules when we talk about the best practices of Email deliverability. We encourage you to follow the best practices and Safe send volume program was created to assure that.

Safe send volume benefits

Warming up your reputation (participating in the Safe send volume program), provides you with a unique opportunity to monitor and optimize your entire email campaign. Using our segmentation recommendations you will be able to find out your most engaged audiences and adjust your campaigns based on those to get more benefits. 

The good reputation that you build during the warm-up period will make your life much easier - instead of chasing problems, you will have time to focus on your business. Rather than thinking about the proper amounts of subscribers that you need to use for successful warm up, you will only need to think about your most engaged audiences - the rest will be done automatically.

Process steps

Your Safe sending volume will be growing step by step. In order to reach another step, you will need to send the required amount of emails per day. Keep in mind, that your first step and required amount of emails is 20 000 per day. Your next required amount will grow by 25% in every step until you reach 400 000 (if you have that many of subscribers). Starting from 400 000 of emails per day, your next required amount will grow by 15% in every step. 

Below you will find the number of emails required in your first steps:

  • 20 000
  • 25 000
  • 31 250
  • 39 000
  • 48 800
  • 61 000
  • 76 300
  • 95 350
  • 119 200
  • 149 000

Don’t worry, you don’t need to send this very exact amount in order to get to another step! We have a tolerance set, which means that it is enough to send more than 15 000 emails per day in the first step to get to the second step of 25 000 of required emails per day.

More, you don’t need to send campaigns every day, for best results our recommendation is to send not more than 3 campaigns per week.

Your audience to start with

We recommend you send your first campaigns to the most engaged audience. Starting from the recent buyers and then adding the click and open rates. 

In this article you will find all of the details on which audiences you should choose to get the best results to succeed in email deliverability. For more information about segmentation and use cases, read this article.

If you do not have any data that you could use for segmenting –import your contacts starting from the newest ones and remember: if subscriber is with you for many years it does not mean that he / she is engaged to your content. It is possible that client does not even open your newsletters. Mostly, recently opted-in subscribers are more interested in your content.

What should I do when my limit is exceeded?

The amount of allowed emails to send in your next steps will be increasing by 25% ( and 15% from 400 000 emails), so it is easy to calculate and plan your campaigns for the future. Keep in mind, that if you are using Campaign booster, you will need to fit in the same amount of email allowance per day. Here is what you should do if in the last step of your campaign setup you see that your limit is exceeded:

  1. Check the amount of emails remaining for today;
  2. Take a segment that you wanted to use for this campaign and split it into 2 parts. You can use tags to mark those parts and create two separate segments. To create a segment based on a specific tag go to Audience > Saved segments > Create segment > and create a segment using "Profile data, where tag is" (example below):

a) The first batch should not contain more subscribers than the amount that you find out in the 1st step.
b) The second batch should contain the rest of the subscribers that are left from the initial segment - the one that you were planning to use before exceeding the limit.
c) Send your prepared campaign to the first batch of subscribers only;

3. Make a copy of the recently sent campaign;
4. In the campaign setup, recipients’ step, choose the second segment you created;
5. Schedule that campaign for another day.

Key things to note

  • Automated emails are not included into the daily Safe send volumes. There is no specific amount of how many automated emails you will be able to send during the day.
  • Booster campaigns are included in the daily amount of Safe send volume, so make sure you have enough of emails left to send before scheduling it.
  • Your Safe send volume will increase by 25% daily, then 15% daily when you reach 400 000 of subscribers
  • Safe send volume program will increase your opportunity to get the best possible deliverability rates

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