Advanced Reports is an additional section within your Dashboard, providing the detailed reporting on your Campaigns performance, taking them as a whole, and comparing the aggregated data with the metric received within the same period in the past. In this report, you can find the critical performance criteria for different communication channels, including sales, clicks, unsubscribes, open rates for different domains, and more.

Before you start

Advanced reporting is available for the Pro and Enterprise users only. However, there is a difference in the period of the saved reports available for each of the plans. 

  • Pro plan → data collected within the last 6 months
  • Enterprise → data collected within the last 18 months

Only Owner, Admin, Manager and Analyst user roles can view this dashboard.

Viewing data in the Advanced Reporting 

Advanced Reporting is one of the sections within the Dashboard Tab, that includes three different dashboards: Campaign performance, Trends, and View your best and worst performing campaigns.

This dashboard is set to run in "Each Tile's Time Zone". However, every time is saved with and will return results in the same time zone, "UTC".


By default, all of the dashboards will show you the performance estimated based on the data collected within the last 7 days and for all communication channels (Email and SMS). 

By adjusting the filter, you may get the information for each of the channels separately or based on different timing options. Once you changed the filter and clicked on the Run button, the system will re-calculated the performance criteria presented on the dashboard.

Campaign performance dashboard

This dashboard presents the report of your Campaign performance in a single number format, comparing the selected period to the previous one. 

Trends scale

In these reports, you can see your crucial metrics presented in the graphical format, with the Email Channel denoted in green and SMS in red. This dashboard, presents the information about Campaigns Sent, Total messages sent, Click Rate and Total Sales.

In these two dashboards, you will see a snapshot overview of your account's SMS and Email Campaigns performance, including the following metrics:

  • Total messages sent, or the total number of the messages sent, with each of the channels.
  • Total campaigns sent, or the total number of the newsletters sent.
  • Total sales generated by campaigns, or the number of sales generated by all of the Campaigns in total.
  • Average orders per campaign, or the number of the orders generated by each of the newsletters, averaged across the newsletters you've sent.
  • Average open rate, or the number of the opened emails divided by the total number of the email recipients, averaged across the newsletters you've sent. Note: SMS campaign open rate is untraceable, thus open rate metrics only show email campaign open rate.
  • Average click rate, or the percentage of the subscribers who have clicked on any of the links included in your message, averaged across the newsletters you've sent.
  • Average click-through rate, or the percentage of the clicked campaigns divided by the number of the opened messages, averaged across the newsletters you've sent.
  • Average unsubscribe rate, or the number of the unsubscribed contacts divided by the total number of recipients, averaged across the newsletters you've sent.

View your best and worst performing campaigns

In this section the information is presented in the tabular form, estimating your Email Campaigns performance based on one of the following criteria:

  • Campaigns with most total sales
  • Campaigns with highest average order value
  • Campaigns with most unsubscribes
  • Performance by Email Domain
  • Most opened campaigns
  • Most clicked campaigns

Exporting data 

What is truly exciting about this feature is the ability to export these reports from the platform. Every single cell across the dashboards has a small hamburger bar at the top right corner that will be visible only when it hovers over with the mouse, after clicking on this bar you will get the option to Download this data.

In the next window different options for the reports structuring and for the format of the data export can be selected.

What's coming next

We are currently working on this section development and will be adding more features in the nearest future. Upcoming features will include:

  • Different channels performance 

Here in Omnisend, we understand how important contacting your customers within the appropriate channel may be for you, that's why we are planning to aggregate the information for all of the channels available on the platform. So you could easily understand what channels and when are the most beneficial and built your marketing strategies accordingly.

  • Automations performance

It will help you to see the aggregated information about the performance of your Automated workflows. Check what Automations are providing the best revenue across different channels and different times.

  • Filtering by user segments.

View your Email Campaigns and Automated workflows general performance across different Segments. See what groups of customers engage with your emails and which of them don't. 

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