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Learn how to add new users to your account and assign different access roles to them

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With Omnisend, you can have multiple users in one account with different roles assigned to access and manage different parts of your account. We support tiered user roles, which allows us to restrict access for specific users in your account.

In this article, you will learn what different user roles are available on Omnisend and how you can add and manage users in your account.


Before you start

There are a few things to remember before you start using the User roles management feature:

  • User roles work for the account created and not the store registered. This means that one user with the assigned role in your account will be able to access all stores registered in that account.

  • Each user will have a unique username and password for the login.

  • Tier user roles will allow you to restrict specific access levels within your account.

  • Users can have different roles in different accounts.

  • Users in one account will access the multiple stores registered under that account.

  • Only one Owner can be assigned to the account.

  • Only Owner and Admin roles can access and manage your account details.

  • Only Owner and Admin roles can add and manage user roles on the account.

The number of seats is unlimited for all Omnisend plans.

Available user roles

  • Owner. Owners have complete account access and receive all important notifications related to the account. By default, the first person who creates the Omnisend account is the Owner. Only one Owner can be assigned to the account.

  • Admin. Admins, as well as owners, have full account access. However, admins do not receive important notifications related to the account, and their access to the account can be changed or revoked.

  • Manager. Managers can access all core features in the account. However, they cannot export contacts, reports or access/manage account-related information and account users.

  • Analyst. Analysts have view access to the audience, campaigns, forms, and automation sections for statistics and reporting purposes. They cannot create and send campaigns/automation messages. Analysts also can perform the export of data.

  • Campaign Coordinator. Campaign coordinators can create and send campaigns and automation. They have limited access to the audience section, though - they can create or edit segments but cannot see or export the contacts. They can view forms but cannot make changes or create new signup forms.

  • Content Creator. Content creators have limited permissions and can only create or edit campaigns and automation workflows. They cannot send and schedule the messages (only test emails). Content creators can view the saved segments but cannot see or export the contacts. Content Creator does not have access to Forms or Reports tabs.

πŸ“– Note! There's a separate Partner role, but it's not managed under Account Management. To learn more about the Partner portal, read our dedicated guide.

Managing users

Adding new users

1. Navigate to Account management β†’ Users β†’ click Add user.

2. Enter the user's email address β†’ select the role β†’ click Add.

3. The invited person will have to confirm they want to be added by accepting the invitation sent to their email and registering on Omnisend. Until that happens, you see them under the new "user invitations" section at the bottom of the Users tab.

4. The user needs to confirm the invitation by clicking Join Omnisend in the email received.

5. If this user doesn't have an Omnisend account yet, they will need to fill out a short form with contact and password details set.

That's it; the user will be added!

Note! If the user already has an Omnisend account, they will be immediately added to your account with your selected role after confirming the invitation.

Managing user roles

1. On the Account Management page, find the user you want to manage > click More > Edit role.

2. Select the new role for your user > click Confirm.

Revoking access

1. On the Account Management page, find the user > More > click Revoke access.

2. Confirm the action and that the user will no longer be able to access your account

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