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Disable or Delete Automation Workflow
Disable or Delete Automation Workflow

Learn how you can disable or delete the workflow and which option works better for you

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If you wish your sequence to stop sending the automated messages, you may choose to delete or disable it.

Deleting the workflow

If you choose to delete the automation, everything related to it, including the automation itself, report of its performance, and the progress of the customer, will be deleted.

Disabling the workflow

If you don't want to lose the information about the workflow performance or you only want to pause it, you may choose to Disable the workflow. You may find this option in the enabled Automation workflow editor, right below the Close option.

After you choose to Disable it, the popup message asking about the contacts that have entered the flow already will be shown to you. Here, you may choose whether you want to complete the sequence for the contacts that have entered it already or cancel the series no matter at which of the stages your customers are now.

๐Ÿ’ก You don't need to disable the Automation to change its structure. You may start editing the flow and select what should be done to the contacts that have entered it already later.

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