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Email List Cleaning

Learn how to clean your audience from faulty emails

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Any effective email marketing strategy starts with a healthy, well-maintained email list. The long-term success of your marketing campaigns and automations and the overall success of your emails depend on good email hygiene practices.

In this article, you will learn the benefits of list cleaning and what emails are cleaned during list cleaning.


Before you begin

  • This is an additional service that scans contacts with subscribed and non-subscribed statuses;

  • This service costs $0.20 per 100 contacts, with a minimum cleaning fee of $0.50 per clean.

Benefits of list cleaning

List cleaning is one of the best practices in email marketing that allows you to keep your subscribers' database up to date. It is the practice of removing faulty and outdated emails from your contact audience. Developing and adhering to proper email hygiene is critical to the long-term effectiveness of your marketing strategy as well as overall deliverability.

A smaller list of engaged subscribers, who actively read and interact with your content and brand, is more valuable than a larger list of subscribers who never open your emails.

Below, you can check the main benefits of list cleaning practices:

  1. Enhance your deliverability. While list cleaning does not ensure 100% email delivery, it can make a significant difference. Email list cleaning assists you in identifying faulty email addresses that should be removed from your list prior to sending emails.

  2. Open rates and click rates improvement. After cleaning, only valid email addresses will remain in your audience. This means that any emails you send in the future will only be delivered to subscribers who open your emails, read them, and possibly click on links as well.

  3. Fewer bounces. Sometimes emails bounce, which means they never reach the recipient. It can be caused by full inboxes, changed email addresses, or technical errors. Too many bounces, like spam complaints, harm your reputation, affecting email deliverability. If you clean your contact list, the quantity and percentage of bounces will go down.

  4. Keep a good reputation with ISPs. Spam traps, invalid email addresses, leads who sign up with non-deliverable domains or typos, and more can happen if you don't keep your contact list in order. Email list cleaning helps you avoid all of these risks.

  5. Better reporting. It's challenging to evaluate your email marketing strategy when your list is packed with inactive subscribers — inactivity distorts your stats. You can track how well your emails are received and acted upon with a smaller list. So you may utilize that data for your future marketing efforts.

  6. Increased ROI. If you send emails to invalid addresses, you have little chance of making a sale. If you send to faulty email addresses or spam traps, your campaign may potentially backfire. Optimize your sales by first performing list cleaning.

  7. Reduce costs. There's no need to pay to keep bad emails in your audience. Every unengaged subscriber who stays on your audience is costing you money. By using list cleaning, you can reduce costs and increase your return on investing more for valid subscribers.

There are many more benefits to list cleaning. Most importantly, it will yield instant results and increase the return on your time, energy, creativity, and money spent on your marketing strategy. Invalid data has a cumulative effect, so don't wait until the damage is visible.

What contacts are going to be cleaned

  • Invalid email addresses: because they bounce, they are not only ineffective, but they also consume a portion of your email marketing budget.

  • Spam traps don't belong to real people and are designed to catch spammers.

  • Typos: something as simple as a typo can dirty your list. Human mistake is unavoidable; email addresses are frequently mistyped, which causes further bouncing.

  • Disposable emails: they self-destruct and bounce, threatening your reputation and deliverability.

Cleaning process

To get started with list cleaning, please follow the detailed guide below.

Step 1. Navigate to Reports→ Deliverability → Scroll down to Email list hygiene → Go to Email list hygiene → Go to Email List Cleaning.

Step 2. Here, you can decide if you want to clean your full list at once (click Clean my full list) or Clean individual segments by selecting them from the dropdown menu.

💡You can select multiple segments and clean them all at once.

Step 3. Once you've selected the audience, confirm the price for cleaning by clicking the Clean My List button. This service is priced at $0.20 per 100 contacts, and the cost is calculated automatically based on your contact list.

⚠️Please note that once you click Clean my list, you won't be able to cancel the process.

Step 3. Put in your card details to be charged for the service. You may also want to save this data for further payments.

Step 4. Once we identify the poor-quality contacts, you will get two options:

  • Automatically unsubscribe poor-quality contacts for me; If you select this option, we will automatically unsubscribe poor-quality for you; you will still have the option to choose if you want to unsubscribe other groups of contacts (disposable, unknown, etc.)

  • I want to unsubscribe poor-quality contacts myself; You will get the breakdown of contact analysis and will be able to manually unsubscribe any poor-quality contacts or other groups of contacts (disposable, unknown, etc.) Described in Step.5.

Step 5. If you select to unsubscribe contacts manually, you'll see a detailed breakdown of the cleaned contacts. We advise cleaning poor-quality contacts right away.

You will see all the contacts in a specific category by clicking Show Contacts below each category.

While working with email list cleaning results, you can tag, unsubscribe, and download contacts in bulk.

That's it! Select the groups of contacts you want to clean → Unsubscribe. Your list is cleaned.

Tip! You can always access your list of cleaning results from the main List Cleaning tab. We save all cleaning history for your easy access:

Wrap it up

Contact list cleaning can optimize your audience, maintaining all valid contacts and eliminating those emails that are no longer legitimate. It can also help you raise ROI, improve performance metrics, save money, and ensure your email marketing strategy is on point.


Where do I find the invoice for the list cleaning?

Email list cleaning invoice will be added to Billing History in your Account management tab.

What does the unknown category of contacts mean?

Unknown stands for "unable to make a decision about the validity of the supplied address, usually due to a timeout when attempting to verify an address."

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via in-app chat or at [email protected]!

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