If you logged into Omnisend, but got an Account Suspended message, our abuse-prevention system likely noticed something unusual about your account or the last email campaign you sent out. 

Typically, sending is the only disabled feature; you will be able to continue using all other features, like logging in, sign-up forms, etc.

In this article, you will learn about common account suspension causes, and how to resolve them.


Your online store is not fully set up
Your recent campaign reported bad metrics
Issues with links in your campaign
Issues with your contact list
API import is failing

⚠️ Your online store is not fully set up

To use our services, you need to connect your Omnisend account to your active online store:

  • You need to ensure the store is launched and is no longer password-protected from the public;
  • Your store needs to have a valid payment set up;
  • You must have at least 3 products on your store. If you have less than 3 products, let us know - we will review your store for re-activation.

Connect a New Account to Your Store

⚠️ Your recent campaign reported bad metrics

Anti-spam organizations monitor us as a sender, so we need to keep an eye on campaigns that could harm your sending reputation. 

If the recent campaign you sent exceeded our allowed limits of 4% of bounced emails and/or 0.1% of spam complaints, it may have gotten suspended. Our system will automatically remove bounced emails, but in order to reactivate your account, you will need to delete all contacts that did not voluntarily subscribe to your brand, are old, inactive, or don’t have an opt-in record.

You may check your contact list with our recommended service provider Neverbounce, that helps you clean your old database. And you get a 20% discount from Omnisend! What you need to do:

  1. You will need to export your entire contact list;
  2. Check the exported list with Neverbounce and download the good contacts;
  3. Upload your clean list back to Omnisend, tag all contacts during import, for example, "valid contacts"
  4. Filter the contacts that don't have that tag using the rule TAG IS NOT > delete those from your contact list.

Another option for you is to use our segmenting feature. To clean your list from inactive contacts, create segments based on contact activity and unsubscribe or delete inactive users immediately.

Segmenting Inactive Contacts

Important note, if you campaign says sent, but none of the emails went through, give it some time. Sometimes, it can take up to 30 minutes for the campaign to be sent out.

⚠️ Issues with links in your campaign

Your account might get suspended if our system detects following problems with your campaign links:

  • You are advertising external resources. If you used links that are not linked with your store, make sure you go back to that campaign and remove them.
  • Links used in your campaign are broken. If the web links you used don't begin with the http:// or https:// protocol, they might break during send. You will need to change your links before you try and send the campaign again.
  • Links used in your campaign lead to low quality domains. You will have to change those links before you can resend your campaign.


⚠️ Issues with your contact list

We are serious about sending permission-based messages. We will want to know where and how your subscribers have been collected.
We can suspend your account if low-quality email addresses have been found on your contact list. Those could be very old contact lists, purchased contact lists, spam-bots, etc. Be sure to check your subscriber lists regularly and delete the old and unsubscribed contacts.

Be sure to always stay compliant with our Term of Use and Anti-spam Policy.

⚠️ API import is failing

The import from your online store keeps failing due to API not being able to connect. You might get this message if we are not able to get the data from your store, usually, this refers to the data about your customers and orders they place. You could refresh your page or log into your account in a new incognito window, but if the message persists, you will need to speak to a support agent to investigate the issue further.
Once you review your account and complete the necessary steps, contact our Support Team support@omnisend.com and we will check it for re-activation.

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