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Teaser Signup Form

Learn what is a teaser form and how you can use it

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Teaser is one of the signup form types you can use in Omnisend. They are less intrusive than popups, but they still stand out because they appear around the edge of the page rather than in the center. Visitors can usually continue browsing without interacting with or closing the form.

In this guide, you will learn how to create and style a Teaser form to give your customers some extra space to sign up for your newsletter.

Before You Begin

  • The Teaser is a part of the Popup form. Any Popup form can have the Teaser.

  • You can either add a Teaser to any popup form or create it with a Teaser template in Forms Library.

  • If a contact has subscribed using the popup or teaser form - we will no longer show the Teaser to them.

  • Teasers also combine with our other features like Mobile only/Dekstop only visibility settings that you select for your popup form. This means you can decide to only show the popup and teaser forms on the Desktop or Mobile or both.

Setup Process

Option 1.

Step 1. Choose any popup form or create a new one if you don't have any.

Step 2. At the bottom menu, you will find a Teaser state. Click on the extension sign and Enable the Teaser.

Option 2.

Step 1. Go to Forms β†’ Create form

Step 2. Select 'Teaser' for Forms settings and pick any of the templates you like.

Step 3. Once you have the Teaser, you will see a Teaser preview with new settings: Teaser and Style.

Step 4.Teaser Settings include Teaser text, timing for when to show to users, and the option to show a close button.

Please revise the teaser text to promote various types of offers πŸ’΅

Teasers can be shown before, after, or both before and after concerning the popup form.

  • Before - you will first see the Teaser when you enter the website. Once you click on it, you open the popup form. Once you close it, the Teaser disappears. This is a good option if you don't want to overwhelm your customers with the Teaser.

  • After - you will first see the popup when you enter the website. Once you close the popup, a teaser appears to remind you to subscribe. This is an excellent option if you want to ensure that your message is seen and accessible even after users close the popup.

  • Before and After - combined options, both forms will appear when you enter the website, and the Teaser will remain after you close the popup form.

Step 5. Define Teaser Style.

Styling options include Font and Font size, Teaser shape, background, border, and text colors. Here you can also choose where you'd like to place your Teaser.

Tip! As long as you select a bigger font size, your Teaser gets more extensive as well.

Teaser Shape: choose between Square, Rounded Square, and Square shapes.

Teaser colors: Select background, border, and text colors for your Teaser.

Position: The Teaser doesn't necessarily stick to the bottom but instead floats on the website with the position you define.

Voila! You have created and set up your first Teaser πŸš€

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected]; we are here 24/7!

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