Workshops & Events: August 2023

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In this section, you can find all the upcoming workshops and events that we will be hosting or attending as speakers in August.

Our workshops cover various topics related to email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Each workshop provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you improve your marketing efforts.

For all past workshops, check out our Workshops & Events collection. In addition to the recordings, there you can also find detailed descriptions of each event, including the topics covered, the presenters, and the Q&A sessions. This information will help you decide which workshops are most relevant to your needs and interests.

👉 Workshops

Roadmap to Black Friday Success: Step 4 - Segment Your Audience💡

In ecommerce, the damaging myth is the perception that you can send the same email to everyone, assuming they'll buy.

But the reality is customers are all at different shopping stages. To be effective, meet each person at their point. Send different emails to those who haven't purchased, VIP customers, and those who haven't bought in a while!

Listen to our Omnisend experts discuss the importance of segmentation and how it can improve your open rates!

Email & SMS: Strong alone. Beautiful together 📧 💬

In this interactive workshop, we showed you how to reach more customers, build your brand faster, and get more sales by combining SMS with your email marketing. Plus, we announced an exclusive giveaway! The lucky winners have already been contacted, but if you miss out, there’ll be plenty more opportunities in the future 🙌

👉 Webinars

MISSION BFCM 2023 is HERE 🛍️ 🛒

Prepare to embark on an epic virtual event series like no other, where a team of seasoned BFCM Superheroes will equip you with the ultimate arsenal of skills and resources to conquer building momentum for your holiday sales, converting new shoppers, and keeping them year-round!

Attend all three sessions to get winning strategies for Pre-, During, and Post-BFCM. Check out the details of each session below.

Can’t make it to the live events? Register to receive an on-demand webinar recording.

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