Workshops & Events: September 2023

Convenient resource to access all our future workshops and events for September 2023

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In this section, you can find all the upcoming workshops and events that we will be hosting or attending as speakers in September.

Our workshops cover various topics related to email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Each workshop provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you improve your marketing efforts.

For all past workshops, check out our Workshops & Events collection. In addition to the recordings, you can also find detailed descriptions of each event, including the topics covered, the presenters, and the Q&A sessions. This information will help you decide which workshops are most relevant to your needs and interests.

👉 Workshops

Email & SMS: Keys to BFCM Success — Achieve Black Friday Excellence💡

With 15% of holiday shoppers already diving in, the holiday shopping season is gaining momentum. We get it—navigating the BFCM frenzy while keeping your brand on point can be a challenge. That’s exactly why, in this video, we're diving into:

  • Must-Know BFCM Shopping Trends;

  • Learning from Last Year for 2023 Wins;

  • Smart Moves with Strategic SMS;

  • Amping Up Automated Messages.

👉 Webinars

Shopping Experiences that Convert, Boost Customer Lifetime Value, and Drive Retention 🛍️ 🛒

As a marketer, it’s not easy to create shopping experiences that convert when challenged with increasingly high customer expectations.

Join us as we chat with Shopify experts from Rebuy, Smartrr, Omnisend, Tapcart, ShoppingGives, and Carro to learn the strategies that convert for today’s ecommerce landscape. From building personal shopping quizzes to showcasing high-impact social proof, get the tips you need to build strong customer relationships and convert your store’s visitors into lifelong customers.

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