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Omnisend for Ninja Forms Add-On integrates Ninja Forms with Omnisend to send form data and contact information automatically to Omnisend. This makes it simple to segment your contacts and send them personalized emails based on collected feedback, data for a specific event, etc.

Ninja Forms is a 100% beginner-friendly WordPress form builder that is appropriate for beginners and seasoned WordPress developers.

Before You Start

Before You Start

Before integrating Ninja Forms with Omnisend, you should do the following:

Setup Process

Step 1. First, you must go to Plugins → Add New Plugin → Search for Omnisend for Ninja Forms Add-On, and install the plugin.

Step 2. Go back to Plugins → find it → click Activate. It should be active along with the original Ninja Forms plugin.

You should see Ninja Forms appear on the left-side panel, like the following.

What Data is Passed

Once Omnisend for Ninja Forms Add-On is installed and enabled, you can start setting up your forms. Here's the list of values that can be passed to Omnisend:

  • Email;

  • Phone number;

  • First name;

  • Last name;

  • Birthday;

  • Address;

  • City;

  • State;

  • Country;

  • Zip / Postal code;

  • Any custom property*;

  • "ninja_forms" tag along with the tag of the specific form.

*Any unmapped property will be passed to Omnisend as a custom property to be used in segmentation and/or automation.

Setting Up Your First Form

Step 1. Go to Ninja Forms → Add New.

Step 2. Select one template from all available, or create a form from scratch.

Step 3. On the Form Fields tab, you can add fields you'd like to your form.

You just need to drag and drop them, which can be easily deleted in case you add something wrong.

You can also make some fields as required or not.

Make sure to click "Done" and then "Publish" and proceed to the next step.

Step 4. On the Emails & Actions tab, you can set your success messages, emails to admin, and the rest, along with adding Omnisend app and setting the sync options.

Step 5. Make sure to enable the action and click on advanced settings to enable sending Welcome email to new contacts:

Step 6. Map fields with the system fields in Omnisend profiles. If you want to collect emails and phone numbers as subscribers, you need to enable these channel consent options:

❗ Important. Please note that phone numbers should be filled in international format (+ - country code - phone number itself). So, you can leave a note near the respective field either as a placeholder text or as a description.

If some fields aren't mapped with the default properties available in Omnisend, a custom property will be created starting with "ninja_forms_+label name".

Step 6. From here → you can publish your form on an existing page/post or create a new page/post.

That's it; after the form is published, contacts subscribing to it will automatically appear in your Omnisend audience.


Why can't I send SMS messages to contacts collected with my Ninja Forms form?
Check if phone numbers are in international format with (+country code...) in front. Since we offer worldwide SMS service, we only support phone numbers in international format.

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