To send your email, SMS, or any other campaigns and automation, you need to collect your customers' opt-ins. Signup forms may help you get more information, and for that reason, they should be distributed among different pages.

Omnisend provides you with many signup forms and integrations to grow your contact list quickly and legally.


Before you start
Omnisend forms and pricing How to create a Signup form in Omnisend
Forms on your website
Forms for sharing
Offering the discount

Before you start

You can collect subscribers on your Omnisend account in three different ways:

  • Signup forms created in Omnisend

  • Signup forms integrations (with 3rd party tools and signup forms present on store's template)

  • Sync subscribers from your store (check-box at the check-out page)

Important note: You can collect email subscribers' or text message subscribers' consent via Omnisend signup forms. Any form you create will be set to collect email subscribers by default. If you wish, you can change the setting in the Content&Design step to collect SMS subscribers only or to collect both email and SMS subscribers. 

If you have Shopify, BigCommerce, or are using one of our plugins, like WooCommerce, then your snippet is already there. If you are on custom API integration, refer to step 2 of this guide.

Read this article to learn the different types of forms Omnisend offers, and follow the links for step-by-step guides on setting up each of the forms.

How to create a Signup form in Omnisend

Once you create an account in Omnisend, you'll have a Newsletter Signup form by default under the Forms tab. This form is needed to integrate your website Signup form if you have one. Learn more about this here.

If you want to create a Signup form in Omnisend, you should go to the Forms tab → Create form → and choose the form out of Popup, Wheel of Fortune, the Signup bar, and the Landing page.

Forms on your website

This form automatically appears as a popup on your website, based on the criteria you set. You can edit both the timing and targeting of your Popup to make sure it is shown at the right time, on the right page. Adjust the time limits for reappearing of your Popups, to ensure that your visitors are not overwhelmed.

Learn more about Popup.  

Signup bar

This form can be accessed at any time via a button on the screen when browsing your store. Once the button is clicked, a signup form appears. As it can be accessed at any time by your visitor, it does not pop up automatically. And you can choose the pages you want it to be on! Learn more about Signup bar.

Wheel of Fortune

This form will give your visitors a chance to subscribe to your newsletters in a fun way. It will be displayed in your store based on the pages and settings you select and can be recalled at any time. Once closed, it will remain available in the form of a Widget at the position of your preference.

Learn more about Wheel of Fortune.

Forms for sharing

Landing Page

It is a simple, shareable signup form that is published and maintained on our servers. You can use it to collect subscribers on any social network sites, blogs, etc. You can either add it as a link on any website or send it in the newsletter to your prospects. 

A landing page is an excellent form for collecting new subscribers and obtaining additional information about the existing subscribers, such as country details, SMS opt-in, and a lot more!

Landing Page also allows you to add your CSS and HTML to have it custom-styled.

Learn more about Landing Page.

Good to know that you can easily copy and reuse the signup form templates you created!

Note! It's not possible to remove the Omnisend badge on the Free plan.

Form integrations

Integration of signup form present on your store

These are the signup forms that are already present in your store as part of your store design template. They are usually present at the footer of the website. Once you connect Omnisend to your website, you can connect this signup form to work with your account as well.


Integration of 3rd party signup forms

Omnisend offers several integrations with third-party email collection services. The integration can be done via API. 

Offering the discount

The form itself doesn't offer a discount, but there are a couple of ways to give your customers the signup discount.

Offer the discount in the form Success Message

Under this scenario, you need to create the discount code in your store admin panel, copy it, and then insert it into a text body of the Success Message.

Offer the discount in the Welcome sequence

And the second, the most widespread scenario, is to create a Welcome Email Automation for a specific form and send the discount in the Welcome letter.

On Shopify, you can add the Discount content block, generating unique codes for every new subscriber. Otherwise, the discount needs to be created in the store admin but can be added to one of the interactive blocks, including the Discount content block and Gift Box. More about Welcome Email.

Classic email builder preview:

New email builder preview:


To ensure you are compliant with the different regulations, we provide you an option to enable a detailed consent collection for your Omnisend forms for GDPR (Europe) and TCPA (USA) purposes. Click on the expansion sign and enable the detailed consent collection for the relevant regulation. The consent message will be added to your signup form.

Consent record

The consent records for the Email channel will be added even if you don't have the GDPR text added to your form. However, if you want to collect TCPA consent records via your Omnisend Signup forms, you need to add a TCPA consent message.

Note! Consent record is added only if email address/phone number is submitted via Omnisend Signup forms. Consent records won't be added if the contact subscribes via your store Newsletter Signup form,

Later, this information can be used to segment your customers and send your marketing to customers who provided their consent. Find more details on segments here.

ADA Compliance

All Omnisend forms are ADA-compliant. Following ADA requirements, Omnisend makes your forms more accessible to a broader group of people. By using Omnisend Forms with your attention to detail, you can ensure that your forms perform equally well for users of all ability levels.

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