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Success/Error Message in the Signup Forms
Success/Error Message in the Signup Forms

Learn how to change the message on the sign-up form depending on the request status

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After the customer submits the Signup form, we should also inform them about the request's status. A new subscriber should see the message about the successful subscription, while the existing customer should be informed that he is already subscribed to this list.

Editing the Content of the Message

To change the information on Success and Already Subscribed messages, click on the Success tab at the bottom menu.

To help you choose the wording, we automatically add text to the default messages, but you can also change it in the Signup form builder. The list of the messages includes:

  • Success message is shown for successful submissions. If you wish to offer the discount in the Signup form, you may either add the code here or inform your customer about the upcoming emails.

  • Subscribed message is shown when a subscribed customer submits the form. If you wish to offer the discount to everyone submitting the signup form, you may add the discount here. You can remove this page as well and show a single success page to everyone.

  • Error, when form fields are left empty, is shown when the customer forgets to fill in one of the input fields.

  • Error, when the email is incorrect, is shown when the customer provides the phone number in the inappropriate format: there is no dot or @ sign.

Removing the Already Subscribed Page

You can also choose to remove the Subscribed page for your form if you want to show discounts to all customers, including both already subscribed and new subscribers. This is particularly useful for forms like the Wheel of Fortune.

Changing the Design

The color of error text can be changed in Theme settings β†’ Fields β†’ Error color:

If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

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