Generating API Key

Learn how to generate an API key needed for integrations with other platforms and 3rd party apps.

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If you want to integrate Omnisend with another software (e.g., third-party contact form), you can pass data to Omnisend (or get data) via our API. With every request, we require the use of an API key for authorization purposes.

Creating an API key

You can create an API key by going to Store Settings in your Profile menu β†’ API keys β†’ click Create an API key.

The next step is to enter the name of your API key. We suggest typing the name of the app you are trying to connect to. If it matches the name of the selected app - you will need to go through a short installation process and won't need to create the key manually.

If you were not moved to the app installment step after typing the name of the app - proceed with the process and choose the permissions the key should have.

There are a few options you can check. The permissions allow access to the following data:

  • Campaigns (allows to download reports, list of recipients);

  • Contacts (allows to create, edit, download, and delete subscribers);

  • Orders (allows to create, edit, download, and delete orders);

  • Products (allows to create, edit, download, and delete products);

  • Carts (allows to create, edit, download, and delete carts);

  • Events (allows to trigger and get custom events for custom automation).

Permissions are created to ensure your API key only passes through the information you want and does not abuse your integration. You can create a different combination of the permissions, for example, a key that has access only to Contacts data and cannot reach Products or Campaigns.

These permissions are helpful when you're doing an extensive integration of Omnisend to your store. To learn more about API integration, see our documentation.

Once you hit the Create API key, you will be able to copy it right away.

If you need help or any other assistance with Omnisend, remember that we are here 24/7 at [email protected].

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