Personizely is a 3rd party app that will help you convert your visitors into contacts and loyal customers.

When you integrate Omnisend and Personizely you will be able to sync your contacts to Omnisend!

Setup process

Here is how you can simply connect Personizely with Omnisend:

1. Open your Personizely account settings > click Integrations tab > select Omnisend from the list

2. Create an API Key in your Omnisend account > paste it into the API Key field in Personizely > hit Connect

Well done! You have connected Omnisend to the Personizely app.

3. Next, you need to Add automation action to your Personizely widget so that the new contacts are synchronized to Omnisend App:

When adding automation action Add contact you can select whether to trigger the Welcome email workflow in Omnisend

And we recommend you to add a Tag so you could differentiate your Personizely contacts from other sources you have. More about working with Contact tags here.

That's it! Personizely setup with Omnisend is done. If you need more guidance through the setup, here is the help article from Personizely Team.

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