Picking the appropriate time for the Newsletter sent is a critical aspect of the marketing strategy. However, it doesn't mean that you need to wake-up early in the morning just to click on the Send button. You can schedule the Newsletter in advance.

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Verify the Timezone

Before you choose the schedule the Newsletter, make sure to verify the Timezone in your Omnisend account settings. To find the time zone field click on My profile icon in the bottom right corner -> Store Settings -> Contact information and scroll down to the end of the page.

Schedule the Newsletter

You will find the option to schedule the Campaign on the last stage of the Email Campaign setup. But to access this option, you need to complete previous steps.

After picking the date, you can click on the Select time option to set the time when the email should be sent. The time can be set to any value with 15 minutes of proximity.

After you confirm the Campaign schedule by clicking on the "Schedule campaign" option, you will see it under the Campaigns tab.

If you decide to change the Newsletter design or settings or simply cancel the scheduled campaign, click on the Restore to drafts option, apply changes, and re-schedule.

By clicking on the Preview option, you can check the web version of the email. If this preview is not generated yet, don't worry, the processing time depends on the back-end processes and might be generated right away or just before sending.

💡 The Segment of the recipients will be updated just in a minute before your Newsletter gets sent. If any new contact meets its requirement, it will be added to the sending list and receive the Newsletter.

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