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Send an additional campaign to those who did not open an original campaign

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Campaign Booster is a feature that gives you a second chance to approach your customers and grab their attention if they skipped the Campaign for the first time. To ensure that your subscribers are not getting too many emails from you, Campaign Booster is only sent to those who didn't open an initial campaign. According to our estimates, it may bring up to 30% in the open rates compared to the initial sent.

⚠ This feature was impacted by the iOS 15 update. More info here.


Before you start

  • You can boost your Campaign once and no later than 46 hours after the initial sending. Omnisend sends it to the non-openers 48 hours after the initial sending.

  • If you already sent the campaign, a booster won't be available for the campaigns sent to less than 100 recipients. On the other hand, if you add the booster before sending the campaign (when setting it up), it'll be sent even if there are fewer than 100 contacts.

  • Campaign booster may get canceled if you don't have enough email credits or if it exceeds your daily limit.

  • Campaign Booster is available on all the Omnisend plans.

  • If you want to change the send time or edit the content of Booster, learn about Boosting Campaign Performance with Automation in our dedicated guide.

About Campaign Booster

Campaign Booster is scheduled and sent automatically. Once enabled, it is expected to go out 48 hours after the initial Campaign. It contains the same content as the original Campaign, which saves you time in the setup process.

To ensure that your subscribers are not getting too many emails from you, Campaign Booster is only sent to those who did not open an initial campaign. The same non-opened Campaign but with a different subject line will be displayed as a top result in the customer inbox for the second time.

The right timing

We have set the 48 hours time limit for the Campaign Booster because of good previous practice. Within this time gap, it becomes clear who has noticed your email and opened it and who of the subscribers have missed it forever.

This technique is often called remailing, but we call it Campaign Booster. Omnisend takes care of everything for you - you just have to enter the extra subject line if you want to boost.

Enabling Campaign Booster

There are a couple of ways you can boost your Campaign:

  • Enable a Campaign Booster in the first step of the new campaign creation. Just click on I want to boost my Campaign after filling in the subject line and entering the subject line for it.

  • Click on the Boost campaign button that will be available for the next 46 hours after the initial Campaign is sent.

In both scenarios, you will be asked to provide a new Subject line. We suggest using a completely different one for the boosted version. This way, you will get a perfect chance to send a reminder for your promotion and not be too annoying to the customer.

After enabling a Campaign Booster for your initial Campaign, another campaign will be scheduled (with different subject lines) in the Scheduled emails tab. This campaign name will start with "Booster of:"

If you decide that the boosted version should not be sent, you can always cancel it by clicking on Restore to drafts button.

Editing Boosted Campaign

A Booster campaign cannot be edited once scheduled. If you restore it to Drafts, it will lose the Booster status, and it will be sent to ALL your subscribers instead of just the non-openers. Be careful!

The only way around is to create a Segment of the customers that didn't open your initial Campaign and scheduled Boosted Campaign for them.

Step 1: Create a Segment based on not opened message flter and specify the title.

Step 2: Select the recipients' list

Campaign Booster reports

Campaign Booster reports can be found on the Reports tab, next to the rest email campaigns. To separate from regular Campaigns, we add Booster of: at the beginning of the campaign name, which is only seen to you and not your subscribers.

Once sent, all of the stats for the Boosted Campaign are separated from the original one. If you need to Segment your customers based on the sending data, you may also refer to them as two different Campaigns.

Important! Unlike it, the Preview for the Boosted Campaigns might be for the Scheduled but is not generated.


Is it possible to change the timing for the Booster?

If you want to change the send time or edit the content of Booster, learn about Boosting Campaign Performance with Automation in our dedicated guide.

What could cause the erroneous status for Boosted Campaign?

We would recommend checking all of the requirements, but according to our experience, it could happen if you run out of email credits.

Is it possible to Boost the A/B test Campaign?

No, it is not possible. Nevertheless, you may use our segmentation to see that newsletter non-openers.

My booster campaign was sent out earlier; why did it happen?

The only reason why a booster campaign can be sent out earlier is if you use the Timezone optimization feature. If this feature is used, the booster campaign is sent precisely 48 hours later than the initial email for each client, but if you compare the time when the first booster email is sent to the scheduled time, it might seem that Booster has gone out earlier. Don't worry; it just means that some customers in your audience have a different timezone than the one set in your Omnisend account.

Suppose I'm sending a campaign with an 'excluded' segment selected. If a contact who received the original campaign is added to that segment, will they be excluded from the booster?

Adding contacts to excluded segments for the original campaign will not exclude them from the booster campaign.

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