To get even more targeted with your automation flows you can limit the audience that receives your message. For example, if a welcome flow triggers for someone who recently signed up via one of the Omnisend forms and added their preferred language, an audience filter could be added to send the email in that specific language only. Segment filters get applied alongside the trigger and let the right contacts into your workflow only.

Before you start

  • To be able to use audience filters, you need to create a segment that you wish to use for your flow.

Important note: Audience filters only works for the current base of contacts that are in the segment. To trigger the automation for a specific audience segment, including the incoming new contacts, use segment entry and exit based automation instead.

  • Audience filters can be used for any automation workflow you are setting up
  • Feature is available for all paid plan users in Omnisend.


Setup process

Segment filters are available as AUDIENCE in the Trigger box.

Here is a short video on how to setup your workflow using Audience filters. In your workflow go Trigger > Audience > and select the segment you wish to include (for skipping a segment from the flow use "Segment is not")


Use case:

Use audience filters in trigger to set up multi-language automation workflows:

  1. Use Custom properties to add a language for your contacts. 
  2. Create a segment based on the custom properties you have about your contacts.

You can also import contacts using a Tag, in this case a segment will be created right away, ready to use for your Audience filters!

3. Use the segment when you set up the trigger for your automation workflow.

Important note: if you create a workflow (i.e order confirmation) for a specific segment (i.e. Spanish language) and have the same regular order confirmation workflow for all of your contacts, you will need to ensure you don't send duplicate order confirmation emails to your contacts. This can be done in two ways:

  • Make sure that specific segment is added as a filter "Segment IS NOT" in your regular order confirmation flow. 
  • Or create multiple flows with segments to cover all different languages and just disable the regular workflow!

⚠️ Automation with audience filter did not send to a newly added contact

If you set up a welcome automation workflow to trigger for the newly signed up contacts entering via a specific signup form with a particular audience filter (segment), the messages will not be sent to the contacts that are just signing up. In fact, automation trigger kicks in before the contact is added to a segment

If you wish to send an automated message to new customers that are entering a particular segment, set up a separate automation workflow with trigger contact enters a segment > segment name instead. Learn more about segment entry and exit based automation in this article.

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