Sending your campaigns and automated emails through your own domain is one of the most recommended things while talking about better deliverability. In our previous article you can find more useful information and learn about SPF & DKIM records.

In this article you will find out how to automatically generate and add records in your DNS provider correctly.

Before you begin

Domain signature is available for paid plan users only:

  • Standard plan users can use add-on functionality and get records for a $89 one-time fee. Purchase the add on in Store settings > Pro plan feature and the domain signature self-service feature will be enabled for you:
  • Domain signature is free for Pro and Enterprise Omnisend plan users.


Setup process

  1. You will find Sender’s domain settings in Store settings > Settings > Sender’s domains

2. In order to sign your own domain, choose Custom domain option > click + Add a domain button

3. Select your preferences under the Domain usage part.

As we are using a different infrastructure for Campaigns and Automation emails, we will ask you to specify what kind of emails you would like to send through those domains in advance.

4. Provide the exact domain (or sub-domain) that you want to use for your Campaigns and/or Automation. 

Remember, that if you want to create records for both: Campaigns and Automation, you need to add two different domains. It can be two domains, two sub-domains or a domain and a sub-domain mix. Decision is completely up to you! 

Note: You will need to add our provided records to your DNS so we recommend using domain name which is the same as your store web, for example

5. When domain (or sub-domain) is added, simply proceed by clicking the Continue to authentication button

In the Domain authentication page you will be provided with the records that you need to add in the settings page of your DNS provider. 

Keep in mind that sometimes different DNS providers have different rules of adding those records. You can find the instructions provided by the most popular DNS providers in our article here.
Don’t know who your DNS provider is? You can easily find it out here.

Once your records are added, click the Verify records button for us to verify your records on our end.

Important note: verification may take some time, so be patient. To check if your records are added correctly, we recommend you to follow this link and paste your domain name in both SPF and DKIM parts. If something is not correct, you will be able to see all the errors there.

In the main Sender‘s domain page you will be able to see all your added domains, their statuses and usage. At the same page you will be able to delete your domain or sub-domain if needed.

Have any questions or need assistance? Reach out to our Support

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