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Conditional Items in Automations
Conditional Items in Automations

Learn how to use and what benefits conditional Items provide for your automation workflows

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This functionality will allow you to tailor the content of your emails dynamically based on the information available in your customers' profiles.

When you need to send specific details to a particular group of customers, you no longer need to design many different workflows and set up various triggers and cancellations. With conditional items, only one email with information relevant to each of your customers needs to be designed.


Setting the condition for the Item

In your item Layout settings, you can change the block's condition and decide whether it should be displayed to all customers or a custom group.

  • All contacts option is the default option showing the item to all customers without differentiation. 

  • Custom contacts option allows you to choose what contacts this item will be displayed to,

After selecting the Custom contacts option, you need to specify the rule for your contact filtering. In the drop-down menu, you will see the list of all properties available in your customers' profiles.

After selecting the rule or property for your customers' filtering, you should specify what value this property should be assigned to the customers for which this block will be shown.

For example, if you want to filter the content of the email message based on the Country, you will need to enter the Country's name into the input field. If you need to add several rules, you can do that by clicking Add rule button.

In the example presented above, the Item will be shown to customers from either one of these countries. Suppose you need to filter your customers based on the different values of the same parameter. In that case, the OR operator needs to be used when connecting two different rules, both of which need to be satisfied, use AND operator.

When you need to exclude some of the values or your rule needs to be less strict, one of the following rules can be used:

Use cases

You can use this feature to send different emails to customers based on the information you have just collected. 

  • If you use the sign-up forms to ask your customers about their preferences, you can account for the information they provide when sending your Welcome automation.

  • In the Abandoned Cart sequence, you can only send your Free Shipping discount to customers from some countries.

  • In Valentine's day promotional newsletter, a special offer to the customers whose name is Valentine can be sent, and only these customers would see it. 

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