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Event-based Items in Automations
Event-based Items in Automations

Learn which Items can be used in Automations

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Some Items are available in specific automations only based on the trigger used in Automation. Customize your automated emails with our drag-and-and-drop Items.

Please note that this guide is dedicated to Items that are automation-specific. To learn about all Items in the Email Builder, jump to this guide.


Abandoned cart

In abandonment automations (Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment, Product Abandonment), you can add an Abandoned cart Item to your email content.

This Item will automatically pull the items your customers abandoned, so all you need to do is drag and drop it to your email and adjust the settings and design to your liking.

You can pick how many items you want to show (up to 8) by moving this toggle:

Within the product details, you can pick which information about products you would like to include in the email:

You can also choose not to show items that are out of stock by marking the checkbox under Other settings:

๐Ÿ’ก Read more about Abandoned Products and learn how to time your abandonment automations here.

Order and Billing/Shipping

For your order-related automations, you can add an Order summary and Billing and Shipping.

Order Summary

You can technically split the Order summary Item into three customizable parts:

  • Order details;

  • Order products;

  • Order Total.

For Order details and its design, you can edit the title and choose to include the order number and order date.

For the order products part, you can choose the specific info about purchased products in the email by selecting responsible checkboxes.

Order Total part gives an overview of the pricing details of the order; like with other parts of the Item, you will be able to select what info to include in the email.

Billing and Shipping

The billing and Shipping Items allow you to choose which billing and shipping details should be added to the email content. Billing details include Name and Surname, State, Company, Zip, Address, Country, Phone, and City information. Shipping details include Name and Surname, State, Company, Zip, Address, Country, Phone, and City information. Based on your choice, any of these points can be omitted or included in the email.

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